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The Police Force is an elite crime fighting unit, operating inside the United Kingdom. It's American counterpart is The A Team.


In 1966 England won the World Cup, and got to keep it as long as they promised not to lose it. So, under orders from the All Seeing Overlord and Beloved Queen at that time, an elite anti-crime force was formed. It originally had only three members, and their only task was to protect the World Cup. Obviously, the twats failed at this mission, and were beheaded.

Twenty years later, (that's 1986) The Queen ordered for the elite force to be called back into action. When she remembered that she had watched them die, she ordered for some new members to be gathered up.

The Modern Police Force[edit]

Recently, Billionaire Richard Brandson bought the Force, and they have recently been totally pulled out of the UK. They are beleved to have been relocated to Necker Island, the Billionaires evil lair.