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Well.. I guess I HAVE to write this, as everyone else has it. Damn peer pressure. Anyways, it might bore you, so you can always skip it.. Yes, I said skip my life story, it is very boring, but has some good points. Anyways, it all began when I was born.. In Canada. I came out of my mother's womb, and entered the world. My life was very mediocre until my mom was diagnosed with cancer, when I was only three. I was shipped off to a foster family, one that spoiled me, and raised me on a farm. With cows, I love cows. Anyways, my mom died when I was only five. I then moved to Ontario with my dad, who was not married to my mom when I was born, so yes, I am a bastard. I lived in Ontario, for two years, before moving back to my homeland, in British Columbia. My then, foster dad, the one I lived with when my mom was sick, died when I was eight. Then my Grandma died when I was 12. So yeah, I am now fifteen.. And nothing that interesting has happened in my life except deaths.. Pleasant, right?