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Usb! No, really!

Welcome to my userpage! If you look into your left, You'll see my dreams come true. and a kid screaming in a motherfreaking garbage can!


Welcome gentlemen and felines, to the Terra-Three Aperture Paranormal Hollow "Science Jungle" Penal Colony of Apurrture Rituals.

Astronauts, War heroes, olympians, Magicians, witches, crystal healing doctors, tramps, hillbillies, drifters, test subjects, space criminals, political prisoners, exiled planetary leaders, tabbies, russian blues, scottish folds, uncyclopedians:

You're here because you have scary powers when you followed the hobo signs from an ancient mating ritual etched in a monolith made by the Elder Monks to forestall the end of its galaxy that needed a place to put you from mouse hunters and this is what we want on it.

So, who is ready to scrounge around for a giant bird drawing some pentagrams until they die of science after chasing of laser pointers? (I am)

Now that you already met one another on the Hyper Kennel-Limo-Box-Cab-Car Drive Ride over here, so grab a bowl of slumgullion and a glass of sterno and let me introduce myself:

I'm Michigan Slim Creativegenius2004 the Cat Johnson of Uncyclopedia. I'm the warden king host to a tiny but powerful demon who lives in a secret place in my hobo mouth around the place I owned that the owner runs this place because I own the place. Keep in mind, I'm a cat around here.

Meow. Meow meow meow meow, meow. Meow meow meow meow meow. Meow.


Member of the Order

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  • Been on Illogicopedia as Sophia[1]
  • Been on Encyclopedia Dramatica as Stench and Sophiaepedia[2]


  1. The links just dropped out.
  2. This website is blacklisted.