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CuJoPoo is the pseudonym of JonPaulJacobJingleheimerschmidt, which is the pseudonym of Kevin Bacon, which is the pseudonym of D.B. Cooper, which is the pseudonym of George Sand, who, despite all the rumors, did NOT sleep with Frederic Chopin. They are indeed one and the same. Now that I've cleared that up, CuJoPoo is derived from the acronym of the first three names of this beloved author, Yours Truly (so you can be assured my aim in choosing this "nym" was not toilet, or even dog, humor).

I am honored to be a n00b member of this site. Being a n00b, I will make numerous mistakes--the first likely being this entry--but no matter; after each of my mistakes is subtly pointed out to me by some helpful Uncyclopedia member--and after nursing my ego back to health--I will hold my head high and climb right back onto the horse that bucked me...not by repeating my previous mistake, but by learning from it and adapting to it, like that pesky fly that seems to double in number each time you kill one.

Risking permanent deletion, I will hereupon abruptly close this entry, for I have many things to do and just one place to do them...meaning I have to use my computer now for other, albeit more trivial work, rather than my stream-of-consciousness, stumbling, babbling introduction, for which I hope you will all forgive me. Like I said, I'm a n00b.

[I wonder how long I can milk that excuse?]