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A cuke monster is the successor of THE cookie monster. There is only ONE cuke monster, and she "does not share power", according to Gandalf from Lord of the Rings!!! =)

Yes, if you havent figured it out that cuke monster.

The cuke monster insists that Baby Bop is wrong. Baby Bop stole CUKE MONSTER'S cookie, bitch! I didnt steal yours. Back off, you green freakin' dinosaur!! =P

Note: the cuke monster DOES have an abnormally sober dumbass bipolar evil side, but ONLY--i repeat, ONLY- Tuesdays, no other day!!! This most unfortunate condition has caused the cuke monster to lobby U.S. Congress in attempts for them to become more like the French so that laws of mandatory surrender to anyone and giving complete control to the underground Mole Extremist community become established. (Nuclear-half-dead zombie Moles been plotting against the annihilation of the squirrels in Idaho since the late 60s after a Hippie decided to give some "lovin" by teaching the paths of happiness to animals). Obviously, the French are behind this pointless ordeal because thier a bunch of lazyass crybabies with no good ideas - EVER. Once the cuke monster learned of the sly acts of his damned French adversaries, he went about to destroy the ozone to cause Global Warming.

Also...more about a cuke monster

Cuke monsters tend to be extremely peaceful, according to most. All they enjoy doing is biting people's heads off, stabbing their friends (but NOT in the back; this is sterotyped, folks...) eating raw meat and drinking the blood, huffing kittens in the name of boredom, drinking wine with cookies (milk just doesnt cut it). Also, they enjoy huffing kittens in the name of boredom, running across the street naked, diving out of trees onto small children, and huffing kittens in the name of boredom.

Cuke and kitten huffing are extremely similar.