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Application for Visit to DJ Irreverent's User Useless Page


- Personal -
Name _______________________
Gender - M / F -
(I want to know before I make uncomfortable sexual advances)
PIN Number _______________________
(It ain't free ya know.)

- Reminder - If you take any medications, please bring them in so I can get totally wasted.

- Preferences -
What would you like to eat? - Nothing / That dead spider from behind the vending machine / These fancy pink fairy cakes I baked up earlier today.
(Err... I may have eaten the cakes...)

Paper __

Scissors __
(Ha! You got beaten by a user page, sucked in.)
I kind of... er.. how to say this.. slept with your mother...

So? Most of the suburb has. __

Daddy? __

No you didn't, you're still a 15 year old virgin at high school __
Which tedious in-joke would you prefer?



Go eat shit fuckers __
How do you find this application?

Beats working __

No __

Strangely sexual __

NO!!!!!! __
Please sign this declaration:
I declare that I am a complete retard for visiting this dump, and take full responsibility for any diseases I contract from here... or Fag for that matter. I also do not mind if my internal organ/s are sold to a wealthy Chinese businessman as a prank.


- Yay - Now we're through that Its time for the song requests.

- The DJ's Tunes n' Shit -
- The DJ's Choice (Funny Stuff by Other People) -

- Now - Guess What time it is?


Yes its time for the overly pretentious things which make me look good!

Noob of the Month Award Noob of the Month January 2008

Author of the Month UnBooks Author of the Month March 2008

Commander of the Order

Vogon.jpg Poet Lowrate
This person is the winner of the Poo Lit Surprise, which they won for their article: UnBooks:Life as a 4⅝ Year Old

Cajek is my adopter :D, and what an adopter... er

- Wanna see my toenail collection -

hey where are you going?