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Dem Articels[edit]

The Kidney Stone Gun is a projectile firing weapon from around the early 1700's. The idea of the weapon came from an old wives tale circa 1300, and was featured in Leonardo Da vinci's notebooks, but still took some time to come to fruition.

One fateful day, Nathanial von Baron went on an exquisite morning hunting trip. Unfortunately, this trip also included an unexpected Grue attack, resulting in the near immediate death, by means of being completely and totally eaten, of all of Nathanial's 3 hunting buddies. Nathanial only survived by fleeing into the woods, with only the shirt on his back and neprhostomy tube in hand.

After many days lost in the wood, surviving on nothing but pinecones and deer urine, Nathanial found to his horror that the Grue and tracked him down and spotted him, disproving the fact that running from a Grue would indeed guarantee escape. Trapped at the edge of a cliff, Nathanial did what any logical man would do when trapped in the corner by a Grue; he tried to crap his pants. However this effort was fruitless, as an unfortunate bout with diarrhea had left him empty.(Read More...)


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