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About DrakeGTA[edit]

DrakeGTA, known to his friends as "That guy who fucked my dead grandmother", is an eight year old Fortran system administrator from Roswell, New Mexico. His job duties include making sure linksis routers are hacker proof, and making sure the xbox 360 does not overheat when it finally hits the market. He may or may not be the webmaster of Drake is also a semi-professional kitten huffer and an very piss-poor uncyclopedian. He's also part of the Uncyclopedia [email protected] team. Few people know this, but Drake has actually cut off Satan's cock, which he keeps in a display case over his mantle. Sometimes he likes to strap it to his face and pretend he's Pulcinella.

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Famous DrakeGTA Quotes[edit]

"Hey, one of these days Iā€™m going to say something really cool, then people will quote me and stuff."

DrakeGTA's Awards[edit]

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Pictures DrakeGTA Uploaded[edit]

The Devastating Effects of Asiananation
Custom Cyclotron created by Paul Turtle of S01d Out County Ch0pp3rz for the Discovery Channel show ā€œAmerican Cyco.ā€
Example of a Pop-Up