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After being surgically modified to look like the show's main characters, the family was disposed of.

“Family Guy's big ugly face is as dumb as a butt. It can't scare me!”

~ Matt Groening on Family Guy

“Sure, it's okay, but where's the pointlessness?”

~ The Mighty Boosh on Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated comedy cartoon series that became the first to learn how to load an RPG and destroy the city known as The Simpsons built on the gigantic mountain known as Matt Groening's ego. Family Guy was born after baratone Seth MacFarlane watched popular BBC drama American Dad while on an acid trip, and Family Guy was fertilised. Family Guy was later born when MacFarlane's wife conceived the idea on 15/12/1997, or to Americans 09/09/1956. Family Guy is about a normal, dysfunctional family living in Rhode Island, with the radical appendages of a Japanese baby (to the USA that's a psychotic American baby that can talk), and a bipedal Arctic wolf. Real Rhode Island inhabitants will consider the family as next-door neighbours. If they don't, then they are the family.

Humble Origins[edit]

Seth MacFarlane's dreadful attempt at a self-portrait, as the parting is on the wrong side.

A disgruntled Seth MacFarlane left his native Florida after he was expelled from the Walt Disney school of design for the racially pure for his pro-multiculturalist stance. He then went through a chain of mindless jobs, such as marketing director for Shell oil, and prosecution lawyer at the Saddam Hussein trial. One day, after doodling stick figures on the swear words of a letter from his bank, MacFarlane got it into his head that he could become and artist. When that went to crap, he made a decision to create an animated cartoon series, each charater as funny and as much a national treasure as the last. After this went to shit, MacFarlane became addicted to hallucinogens and somehow dreamt up Family Guy. MacFarlane pitched the idea to Cartoon Network, who commissioned him to make a pilot episode. Luckily he realised before it was too late that he had dignity, and forced 20th Century Fox to like the idea.

Family Guy: The conquest of America[edit]

The pilot took MacFarlane's production company (Seth's American Studios (SAS (This SAS means Special Air Service, crack troops in the British Army. I don't mean the the actual acronym, I'm on about the pun. Or am I? Oh great, imprisoned for eternity inside my own head))) 18 years to create, which was considered good for a studio consisting of a chair, MacFarlane's sleeping bag and Microsoft NT workstation which predated the invention of metal. The title of the pilot episode is unknown, as the closest it has come to any human language is a very primitive form of Manx, making it an ultra-ultra-ultra-primitive form of English, which nobody in the modern World has been able to translate. The episode itself is difficult to follow, as it contains many disturbing scenes that cause you to die 7 days after watching. SAS released the first two seasons onto digital TV all over the American Empire, and was an instant success with audiences after watching only the first few seconds. DVDs were flying off the shelves, which made it difficult for people who really wanted to buy them.

Family Guy: The conquest of the World[edit]

After the USA, the rest of the World soon fell into line. Russia, Libya, Algeria, and Iran tried having a go at rebelling against the infidels at Family Guy, but failed as they are still unsure what a clear military victory looks like. Iraq went to war, but failed as it realised Saddam Hussein doesn't exist anymore. The trade embargo means that Cuba has never received Family Guy imports, but spontaneous citizens can get the rip off version "Semi-Terrorist Man" on cine film canister.


- Many people have argued that Family Guy has just copied The Simpsons, until they all realised their contacts lenses had dropped out, as well as missing the last bus to the library where they worked.

- South Park has repeatedly attacked Family Guy the way a deformed Welsh midget would cyberbully a 5 year-old Omanian asylum seeker, although South Park has been known to hate anything that doesn't have South Park in it. This debate ended shortly after Seth MacFarlane realised that it was ridiculous to allow himself to be intimidated by a pre-pubescent gender confused teenager who got lost one day and ended up at a recording studio rather than a Batman convention.

- Christians have protested against Family Guy for portraying the Jews as human equals, and for endorsing laughter before marriage.

- Creationists deny the existance of Family Guy, after the show endorsed the possibility of having an IQ over 45.

- Al Qaeda firebombed the SAS studios after the show used the letter "h" as part of the characters' dialogue, which everybody knows is dispicable blasphemy because it is the third letter in the name of the prophet Muhammad. Family Guy was ordered to apologise for being attacked and to remove the 'h' from the episode.