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Welcome to the home of Dy-no-miite, a humble egotist and lover of the lighter side of dark humor, and the aroma of unscented deodorant.

Raised in Toledo, Ohio by a loose association of feral cats, Dy-no-miite's birth was heralded by rainbows, lunar eclipses, a futhermucker of a hot summer, and the election of Ronald Reagan. Her birthdate is also considered by many authorities in musicology as the end of the era of disco.

Now in her mid/late 20's, Dy-no-miite is a practicing Catholic (sometimes a syncretistic Shinoli'ite), grad student, musician, fan of cartoons, and admitted bearer of an inexplicable fascination with dystopian organizations. These include, but are not limited to, Islamofascism and North Korea. Her heroes include Hugo Riemann, Heinrich Schenker, Jimmie Vaughan, Julian Bream, Wes Montgomery, James Thurber, Douglas Adams, and Robert Spencer, with a soft spot in her heart for Phil Ken Sebben and Carl Brutananadilewski.

Dy-no-miite is embroiled in a torrid, ongoing love affair with Juan Valdez, but lives with an aging tomcat named Elmo.