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This is where you, the judges, put your results for the PLS. Please list your top 5 articles, in order, best article starting at 1. Remember, the deadline for results is June 13th. If you cannot complete judging before this deadline, please let me know on my talk page or on the talk page of this page.

Scoring system based on judges' top fives will go as follows:
5 points for #1
4 points for #2
3 points for #3,
And so on.

Best Article[edit]

1. salamander
2. Hello there! I'm a kite, and I will ruin your day!
3. Cake Killers
4. Parthenogenesis
Endnotes: Judgments here. I was initially upset by the small number of entries, but the quality of these four pieces made up for that completely. Great work everyone.
1. salamander
2. Parthenogenesis
3. Cake Killers
4. Hello there! I'm a kite, and I will ruin your day!
My personal judgements can be found here
1.salamander. Undoubtedly the first. Concept seems a bit like Lobster's, but in a nuttier sort of way. The article made me want to strangle the narrator/s as well as embrace a Salamander and say - it's OK friend, we really do like you]].
2.Hello there! I'm a kite, and I will ruin your day! Didn't really like it at first read but it grew on me. That kite has serious issues man, serious issues! Reminded me of the clown out of King's "It". We all float up here.....
3. Parthenogenesis - I think either Thinker or Olipro mentioned that the article was more interesting than amusing, that was the case with me as well. It's well written but the humor in it could be better. I also felt it ended a bit prematurely with the subject not fully developed.
4. Cake Killers - from a technical point of view it was well made, as far as I'm concerned. The concept was OK but the execution wasn't something that amused me that much(we kill cakes they kill us, start over). Also, the two short lists in the end didn't seem to add a lot to the article.
All in all, good entries all of them, nice job everyone. One technical note that I'm surprised no one has noticed - cake killers was made in main space and has two IP edits in it, even though it might be Cashmag's edits. In all fairness it should be disqualified, but I'll leave that to EMC's to decide. ~ 10:14, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

Best Noob Article[edit]

1.User:DPRS/UnBooks:Murder on a Plane
2.User:John Lydon/squidbillies
4.Jingle Belled to Death
5.Reader's Digest
1.User:DPRS/UnBooks:Murder on a Plane
3.User:FaygoMayhem "Jingle Belled to Death"
4.User:John Lydon/squidbillies
1.User:John Lydon/squidbillies
2.User:DPRS/UnBooks:Murder on a Plane
4.Reader's Digest
5.Jingle Belled to Death

Best Alt. Namespace Article[edit]

1. User:Zim ulator/HowTo:Be Reverend Zim ulator - I can't lie to you. I was laughing the whole way through. It was the literary equivalent of Dodgeball or Step Brothers. Utterly ridiculous, completely random, and arrestingly hilarious.
2. User:Guildensternenstein/UnPoetia:Paradise Abridged - Wow. Holy shit wow. Holy shit wow pow gazow. The amount of effort that went into this is actually mindblowing, and my mental orgasms haven't felt this good in a while. Way to fucking go. You really showed that twat professor that made you read it.
3. UnNews:US Congress tired of calling corporations up for lectures one at a time; summons entire American economy for a group hearing - Fantastic, except it's a little light in the actual laughing aloud department. I did guffaw at "an unconvincing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid" though.
4. User:Mrthejazz/Howto: Staple toast to a wall - This was neck and neck with the above. I had to give the edge to Led's piece in this regard because it was a solid and smart idea solidly and smartly executed. This one, however, is much like my number one pick, except that it really tails off halfway through the sanitize the staples step and only picks up at the end of the daredevil section. So...yeah.
5. User:RAHB/UnTunes:We're Having An Orgy - As Necropaxxxxxxxx said below, this spot is kind of hard to quantify, and I'm gonna have to give the edge here to the one that I just have the best feeling about. That would be this.
I don't have that many x's in my username... Necropaxx (T) {~} Sunday, 03:24, Jun 6 2010
1. Howto: Staple toast to a wall - A joy to read. Hardly a moment where I wasn't smiling. Strong for on VFH.
2. UnPoetia:Paradise Abridged - Subtle, but very nice when you take the time to read all that was written. Would have liked some more images, though. Side note, I didn't register that the headings were links for a while and kept thinking, "That's it?" I was dropped on my head as a child. For on VFH
3. HowTo:Be Reverend Zim ulator - Very silly, lots of fun. Maybe goes on a bit too long, but on the whole I enjoyed it. Abstain on VFH because of in-jokiness.
4. UnNews:US Congress tired of calling corporations up for lectures one at a time; summons entire American economy for a group hearing - Got a few smirks, but little else. I kept hearing the same jokes I've been hearing for ages now (it feels like ages anyway). Not that it's a bad piece, but... I've heard it all before. Abstain/Weak against on VFH.
5. UnNews:Greenland Declares Independence from Denmark, World Doesn't Care - The rest of the articles were all bunched up around here. This spot is pretty arbitrary. For this piece in particular, it was a well-formed UnNews, but you stated the article's one joke right at the start and didn't really do anything else. Also that seal joke has gone right over my head. Against on VFH, with a note to fix it up and finish it proper.
1. Howto: Staple toast to a wall - It captures the essence of insanity well, it's quirks bringing me to laughter many times. Also, I have a gun.
2. UnTunes:We're Having An Orgy - I may be biased because there's something about RAHB's singing that puts me into stitches every time the lyrics aren't completely, utterly serious, but there's nothing you can do about it. I'm a judge, you're not.
3. UnPoetia:Paradise Abridged - Guildy, you tit, making me read that much for a fucking PLS. But seriously, good job. I lolt. You are a master of subtlety, sir.
4. UnNews:US Congress tired of calling corporations up for lectures one at a time; summons entire American economy for a group hearing - The Toyota bit sold me on it. Also: Ejaculating oil rig lolol.
5. HowTo:Be Reverend Zim ulator - I hope you get those puppies, Zim.

Best Illustrated[edit]

1. User:PuppyOnTheRadio/UnBooks:Where do babies come from?
2. User:NonchalantCaterpillar/Soviet Space Program
3. User:DrStrange/Take Your Son To Work Day
4. User:Zheliel/Vote For The Worst
5. User:Mrthejazz/I am better than fish
Article commentary is here.

1. User:NonchalantCaterpillar/Soviet Space Program
2. User:DrStrange/Take Your Son To Work Day
3. User:Mrthejazz/I am better than fish
4. User:Monika/Diamonds and Rust
5. User:PuppyOnTheRadio/UnBooks:Where do babies come from?
Article commentary will be here later on in the day.
1. User:PuppyOnTheRadio/UnBooks:Where do babies come from?
2. User:Hyperbole/Suddenly, Raccoons
3. User:Mrthejazz/I am better than fish
4. User:DrStrange/Take Your Son To Work Day
5. User:NonchalantCaterpillar/Soviet Space Program

Best Rewrite[edit]

1. Hyperbole's Sparta: Well written, got many laughs out of me and a vast improvement over the existing article. On VFH, I'd certainly vote For it.
2. Skinfan's Captain Morgan: Well written, got some good laughs out of me, and an improvement over the existing one. I sure would vote For it on VFH, too.
3. Black Flamingo's Vending Machine: Well written, got me grinning, but lacks the lols. Still, I'd vote For on VFH.
4. Joe's Fnord: Hmmm... Good, but not as the others; cheesy. It got a couple lols out of me. Needs more work. On VFH I'd abstain.
5. Your Mum: She was bad last night, and I know she can do better than that.
For the fully-detailed indepth reviews, see here.

1. Hyperbole's Sparta
2. Skinfan13's Captain Morgan
3. Black flamingo11's Vending machine
4. Joe9320's Fnord (car maker)
For the fully-detailed in-depth reviews, see here.

1. Sparta, even though Hyperbole is a big whiny girl in a dress.
2. Vending machine, because I thought it was quite clever.
3. Captain Morgan, because, while it was ok, it didn't make me laugh.
4. Fnord (car maker), because it was the least good of the four.
5. I saved PLS. Suck me off. Up yours. Prick.  Happytimes are here!* (talk) (stalk) Π   ~  09 Jun 2010 ~ 01:09 (UTC)

1. Vending machine. By: Black flamingo11 Funny. Well written. Good captions. Good links. Clever. Enjoyed the imagination that went into this. VFH nod.
2. Sparta. By: Hyperbole Funny. Funnier than Captain Morgan. Flesh out the paragraphs a bit for a good VFH candidate.
3. Captain Morgan. By: Skinfan13 Well written. Writtener than Sparta. Tweek the humor & captions (a lot of the jokes fell just flat for me for some reason) for a sure-fire VFH win.
4. Fnord (car maker). By: Joe9320 (Rewrite of a section of a prior article.) Not quite done. Needs more... everything. Loved concepts and thoughts expressed in this article (except Hitler). Suggest changing title from Fnord (car maker) to Fnord (autonomous company) or Fnord (autonomotor company). Needs lots of work before VFH, (I'd vote no now).
5. N/A.
Votes #1 & #4 were very clear to me from the very beginning. I had an extremely difficult time deciding between #2 & #3. If the authors would like my notes please let me know.  Happytimes are here!* (talk) (stalk) Π   ~  09 Jun 2010 ~ 03:46 (UTC)

Tie breaker judges[edit]