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Commander of the Order
Pointless enough? Hell no! We need more pointlessness!

“A distant wind blows by and you feel your hair flowing. It stays in an infinite animation cycle as you struggle to move; but you can't! Then, in the distance, you hear HIM laughing, mocking your every existence. You then realize you are in a 4Kids dub and are, therefore, eternally damned...for as long as the show lasts.”

~ Could B. Anybody on Farley Grey

“Oh, he's definitely a douche bag.”

~ The Douche Bag Expert on Farley Grey

“Wait..what the fuck are you doing!? Stop putting those damn pictures up in such a pointless fashion!”

~ Anonymous on Farley Grey slapping up pointless images

It all started on that one fateful day; the one in which the "register" button came into view. Once seen, everything had already been set into motion; there was no way anyone could've stopped it. The second coming of Jesus! Oh...and...Farley Grey joined Uncyclopedia.

The Forces That Started it All[edit]

Pointless enough? You make me laugh like a little school girl, and I'm only supposed to do that on Wednesdays.

Many things are blamed for the first coming of the member Jesus-er...Farley Grey. One could say the enter button was at fault. However, many blame the wretched letter keys that allowed him to type in his information...PERFECTLY. With not one mistake in sight, the registration was complete without the slightest resistance. One could say that the admins were at fault, but they'd be lying and committing treason simultaneously, thus being eligible to be justly burnt for their sins against Jesus-I mean...the admins.

Blame also rests upon the shift button, which allowed Farley Grey to execute perfect capitalization when writing his name. (It is a widely known fact that Farley Grey is powerless without his capitol letters. Farley loves them so much.) Though, many people dismissed this, as the shift key is much too far from hell and is therefore, considered heavenly. With the other keys out of the way, some peeps felt that it wasn't over until every witch had been crushed with a rock. So, they brought the number keys into the blame game, despite Farley's inability to type numbers into his name.

And what do you know? The number keys were prosecuted.

Horrible Contributions to the Thing that Accepts Contributions of the Article Variety[edit]

Pointless enough? I think the organization of these images is more pointless than this! For shame!

While Farley has been known to edit things every now and again, as well as review some articles, but now he has a full-fledged article! His first step into the line of evil. (Which, by the way, wasn't drawn straight. Someone needs to get a ruler or something and fix it.)

Contributions List[edit]

These articles are started/written by Farley Grey, whom wrote the articles and/or started them. Redundant? Possibly, but if this wasn't meant to be stupid, then I wouldn't be writing it.

Other Stuffs[edit]

Useless Templates![edit]

Farley Grey
This is Farley, shown with his banjo scythe and the dirty (thought) bubble.
Background Information
Origin? Something involving an orange, 'cause it's Florida, dude!
Flavor(s)? Orange, Grape, and possibly Banana
Years Active? FOREVER
Label(s)? "That guy", "Bread, of which I eat", "Meadow of Sheep, of which I eat", Dude
Webbed Feet? Oh no you didn't!
Gender? Possibly male. Most likely male.
Fuckyeah2.gif Aaawww...
Farley Grey has been diagnosed with cancer.
ring finger cancer. Yeah. Incurable.

Thank you for the...uh...terminal illness, Cajek! It's very appreciated!

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...and unabashedly proud of it!
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Hey, Did you Know That...[edit]

  •'re viewing the userpage of someone you probably don't even know?
  •'re looking at your computer screen? It is a widely known fact that people with computers tend to look at the computer screen when using it!
  • up gets you nowhere in life, except uncyclopedia?
  • ...trying to open a jar of pickles with a sledgehammer is unusally difficult?
  • ...collecting five pieces of heart will earn you a heart container?
  • ...vampires don't bite, they scrape and lick?
  • <poll>...this is a poll, and you can exercise your democratic rights by voting in it?'re kidding, right? Stop being such a douche! NO FUCKING WAY.  :O I...I really didn't know... If you're ever in danger of losing your life, I won't help you. Really, I won't. Uh...I need more time to think! These options aren't diverse enough. GIVE. ME. MORE. </poll>

I'm Farley Grey, and I Approve This Message[edit]

And my signature is here to prove that. --Farley Grey 00:57, 22 August 2007 (UTC)