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This STD has been canonized by the Pope for its

blessed fight against the use of evil condoms.

|☭|T|o|m| |M|a|y|f|a|i|r|☭|
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~ Oscar Wilde on the VCR clock

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this User Page.”

~ Ronald Reagan on Fou-Lu

“I came, I saw. I left”

~ Julius Ceasar on Fou-Lu

“Where has Sanity gone? I shall tell you, He's taking a shit”

~ Friedrich Nietzche on Sanity

“You describe it as "Faster" how 'bout, "orgasmic"?”

~ Thetis on The transition from Dial-up to DSL

“I turn sex into money, just like Jesus turns bread into wine.”

~ Casey on Miracles

“A spam bot hit our Links page. But, the bot has no browser info, it's like yelling "I'M INVISIBLE I'M INVISIBLE" the lack of browser info now tells me that he's a spam bot. I guess he didn't get the memo: Nobody gets past Oryan's code”

~ Oryan on Being awesome

“WE DID THE MASH we did the keyboard mash! THE KEYBOARD MASH it was a lihosdptjhskrjngiso;kihy,aehtptuyjgio;t”

~ Oryan on Drugs

“The Russian Government stated "We were astounded to discover that a man could consume so much alcohol without passing out. Not even Boris Yeltsin could do such a thing. Flintoff is the perfect man for the position."”

~ Zim ulator on Unnews

“"It appears that President Bush didn't just leave a stray turd in the toilet bowl. When the boys went in to clean up, they discovered a Golgothan from Hell... a shit demon."”

~ Kenvalyi on Unnews

“"L'only thing les English have ever done for European agriculture is mad cow...We can't trust people who have such bad food. But if it wasn't for those English fucks, I'd be speaking to you in German."”

~ Kenvalyi on Unnews

“"The BSOD is the most popular part of Windows! I get thousands of calls on the help line about it, every week!"”

~ Bill Gates on The Blue Screen of Death

“The Big Bopper would come out at night and molest small animals. Recently, it was determined that it was Newt Gingrich. The Bopper's son had his father's body exhumed, defiled and then reburied in unsanctified ground, in hopes of proving his father's guilt.”

~ Kenvalyi on Unnews

“If we bomb Iraq, Bin Laden will die in Afganistan.”

~ Bush on Bin Laden

“I'll suck every man in the union”

~ Monica Lewinsky on Running for President

WE DID THE MASH we did the keyboard mash THE KEYBOARD MASH it was a lihosdptjhskrjngiso;kihy,aehtptuyjgio;t  Click here for hot porn!

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