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Freaky Mutant Man is a mutant from the Sewers of the North Pole, who is freaky.


Freaky Mutant Man, born on August 23, 1019, was the theme of much applause at birth, but then he fell into the nearby toxic waste, gaining superpowers and becoming a freaky mutant. Here is what we think is a transcript of what happened next:

FMM: Umm, hello?

FMM's Mom: Yay! Your first wo- OH GOD HIDEOUS THING! RUN!

Since then, he has become a famous musician (Career ended when he accidentally shot somebody), a U.S. Army Marine (Ended when he accidentally killed somebody, was captured, then shot his way out) and various other jobs.


He can shoot magic flames from his mouth, perform feats through random crap, kill people with senseless spamming and some other unimportant crap.