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“He iz a Crackah, G! Dem Crackahs is so annoying! Now me and my gangsta homie thug g doggs is gonna ride our pimpin wheels and *Crackerzilla Screams "MONKEY BANANA TRUMPET!" then promptly crushes*”

~ 50 Cent on Crackerzilla

Crackerzilla is Godzilla's 23rd son, who ruled over Campeche, Mexico with an iron fist. Reportedly, the only words he could speak are "Monkey Banana Trumpet!" Which he could speak in any language. In 2011, Crackerzilla had a hideous entanglement. The event somehow turned into a battle between Super Oprah and every punk ever manufactured, or the final culture clash hello kitty power hour as prophets called it. Super Oprah returned with a hot dog stuck in one nostril, and the punk fad promptly vanished. When Asked to comment on this battle, Crackerzilla simply gave a passing "Monkey banana trumpet?!?" and flew to his hometown of Campeche Mexico.

Early Death[edit]

Crackerzilla was watching TV one day, when he heard a thumping under his floor. While Crackerzilla was still searching for the cause, Big Bird flew up from the floor. Big Bird then Evolved into Pikachu and "Thunderlectricshocked" Crackerzilla. This really did not hurt, but made Crackerzilla "'fraid like a crackah whitey clown.". Crackerzilla then pooped himself, really, really, really bad. The size of the turd killed Pikachu, whose final dying words were, " NO ONE CAN TRUST THOSE MEXICANS!!!" However, the sheer pain of delivering the mud baby killed Crackerzilla.

Crackerzilla, Son!


A memorial was built in Campeche Mexico, but was quickly torn down when Ultra Jesus Declared it a Blasphemy and shot his Mega Hello Kitty Lazer Eggz at it. The insides (which were all made of candy!) Rained for 40 days and 39 nights. Also, Crackerzilla Came back to life and destroyed Ultra Jesus By teaming up with Barney the Dinosaur, And Godzilla.

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