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“He is an important ally in the war against the war against terrorism.”

~ Osama bin Laden on Don al-Duck

Don al-Duck, also known as Don al-Daq, (1950-) is a notable radical islamic terrorist probably hiding somewhere on the mountainious border region separating Disneyland and Afghanistan. The Disneyland Central Intelligence Agency, led by Gus Goose, claims al-Duck is responsible for planning the deadly 9/11 attacks, destroying two towers of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in 2001. Don al-Duck is the leader of the notorious Al-Quack terrorst organisation. He has appeared in several pre-recorded video tapes with his associate, Mullah Goofy, calling for the destruction of the 'corrupt' Disneyland. al-Duck has been blamed for organizing various bombings in Disneyland, Afghanistan, and the Hasheboogie Kingdom of Jordan. There is not much known about al-Duck, who left his clan in the 1980's to combat the Soviet troops occupying Afghanistan.

On a tape recently broadcast by Al-Jazeera, a person introducing himself as Don al-Duck warned for additional attacks in Europe and the Middle East. An another speaker, introduced by the one claiming to be al-Duck as Mullah Goofy, added: "Gosh!", which is Disney for 'Allah wills it'.