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Zim refers the incarnations of Invader Zim or Zimii. (Not to be confused with Jesii)

Throughout the present time, various zimii have surfaced. Each with his/her own power, quirk, etc.

Zimii Ideas[edit]

Choose your Zimii from the list below.


The Host of Zimii.
Fear them, and obey them!
If you are confused about which one you want, it's probably Invader Zim
Invader Zim:The original villian himself! Dim-witted, blue, and weird: Bizarro Zim
Cyborg Zim: He's back and wants revenge! A concert of doom!:Metal Zim
Chocolate Zim: Good enough for you to eat. Rigging irken elections:Republican Zim
Audio Zim: such a wonderful voice. Loved by millions of fangirls:Gay Zim
Original Zim (AKA Invader Zim) had no heart. It is unknown if the others did.

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