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NASA (National Awesome Space Agency) is an entity of the United States' government, responsible for all things relating to space. This includes space travel, spacewalking, space aliens, and Kevin Spacey. Originally formed in 1787 when America's founding fathers set aside a large portion of the nation's resources for a space program, NASA was put on hold for nearly two hundred years until humans discovered "technology." In the 1950's, the Evil Soviet Empire began work on their space program, eventually launching a number of inanimate objects into space. When the Soviet "Muttnik" program successfully launched several stray dogs into space and returned them safely, America could stand losing no longer, and resurrected NASA in 1958.

Early History[edit]

one artist's rendition of the 'Space Race'

The competition between the Americans and the Soviets during the 1960s is often referred to as the 'Space Race'. Each country was trying to outdo the other, by launching increasingly large and/or delicate things into space. However, the US quickly fell behind, as the Soviets had a large head start. By the end of 1959 the Russians had successfully launched a large glass swan into orbit and returned it to Earth without breaking it, while NASA had only managed to manufacture a large number of magnificent explosions. Finally, in 1961, the Soviets acheived an 80% survival rate in their space-dog program, and greenlighted the first human orbit of the Earth.

NASA orignally recruited pilots from "space camps", where young children would go to laugh and pretend they were astronauts. Those who pretended the hardest became astronauts. However, these camps were highly selective, and the only way for children to attend was to win a week at space camp on one of Nickelodeon's game show programs, most of which were hosted by former NASA director Mark Summers.

A typical NASA propaganda poster.
The first NASA ship to launch, their second mission after Sputnik.


Current Projects[edit]

religious appeasal[edit]

NASA diagram showing how Jesus ascended into heaven - through the exosphere and eventualy into the path of the solar wind.

The Future[edit]

Sharkstronauts replace astronauts.

once genetic engineering catches up to aerospace engineering