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Military Records

Name: High Gen. Grue
Balance: Y 400
Income: Y 0.75
Expenses: Y 100.75
Occupation: Grue Army General
Han Solo's Bank Records
Giver Receiver Amount Adjustment Balance
High Gen. Grue Spang Y 50 - Y 450
High Gen. Grue Preimer Tom Mayfair Y 0.25 - Y 450.25
High Gen. Grue Starnestommy Y 0.50 - Y 449.75
High Gen. Grue The Grue Army fund Y 49.75 - Y 400 (Color for square out of order)
UnCyc Store High Gen. Grue Earned Y0.50 Y 400.50
G R Transaction Y 0
G R Transaction Y 0
G R Transaction Y 0

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