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Misbordairdated (PIE:Mis-bored-dairy-eaten'd) is the rank of a certain human or planet being succesfully showing their true self. The proceedure was invented by Tom "Mezmorizingly Small" Guy who was born in Mezmoria, Wxipedia, AAAaaaAAA. His mother and your mom abandoned Tom under a cliff in Amerafrica. Therefore he became an Emo and cut his own arm off because of certain troubles with doing stuff. Later on, he became an ims a.k.a. Idiot Monster Scientist and wanted to show his true self, but that failed so much he almost died. Sweet Cuppin' Cakes hired him to play as the part of Huh? Steve, but he got fired for firing the fire engines and breaking the fire alarm and the fire could'nt be rescued OMG!