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woe betide all who would dare spit in the face of our God - to whom all life is sacred.

woe ye heathens, ye Muslims, ye Atheists, ye Buddhists, ye retarded, ye Catholic, ye Mormon, ye Furry, ye Gay, ye Arab, ye Jew, ye Black, ye Asian, ye Satanist, ye Scientologist, ye Socialist, ye Liberal, ye Taoist, ye Animist, ye Spiritualist and ye Dutch.

woe detide all ye followers of Satan and may the Lord have mercy on your unclean souls - for in his infinite wisdom he has judge ye to be worthy only for the fiery pits of damnation.

But do not fear, there is still yet hope for your mortal souls - repent, shun your idols and your fetishes, cast aside your false-gods and embrace the glory that is God! taste the sweet wine of victory and enter the gates of Heaven! Repent all ye wicked goats and return to the Good Shepherd - he who shall protect you from the Wolf that is Satan.

The end is nigh, so make haste - repent, get onto your knees and pray forgiveness: for the Lord is coming and all will be judged.