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The Happy Weasel!
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Thief
Order L33t Huffing!
Family To be focused on
Genus Musktelid
Species unFamiliaris
Binomial name
Musktelid unfamiliaris
Primary armament 1d+3,war dancing (coarse sharpening stone)
Secondary armament 1d1+4 Dook(may cause madness)
Power supply 3.2L 295 hp(222 KW for communists) H6- the Porche Boxter Sedan Trim engine
Health 3
Mana 2
Strength .3
Intelligence 5
Weight 2.2 Lb.
Length (1'5)-(3) Ft
Special attack War Dance, Huffing
Conservation status
Light Truck/ Medium Rare
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A Charming Garden Inn
A Coastal Resort
Another Nice Coastal Resort
A little bit more than a coastal resort
Desert Resort
A nice town
Lakeside Resort
Riverside Resort


Evidence of pre-human and interspecial homersexuality
A homersexual




There is actually tower for BABBLING!!!

116635xeGD w.jpg





A happy weasel[edit]


Adoptions/large contributions:

The Kingmaker

  • Adolf Hitler



Template Contribs:

  • FullofShit - Blamed
  • Conservative
  • Liberal
  • Libertarain
  • Spin
  • Minitrue2
A Canadian Resort

European Election


Oh. Can I sniff?

Flaming Turd[edit]

Firepoo.gif ITS POO AGAIN!!
The article you are view is propagating lies and is therefore full of shit.
This article is a flaming dog turd and should be stomped on...but if you do that, there would be crap all over your $6000 b00ts.

I DID MY FIRST TEMPLATE!!!! YAY!!!!- it was blamed though... it appears that my political ones are staying up longer.....

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Rating Grade Comment

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  • 20-22 C- HTBFANJS
  • 10-19 D NRV
  • 1-9 F VFD

..or it could just be creative differences, though some creative differences are just mechanical ramblings to others.

Awards and stuff[edit]

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Kennedy bros.jpg
Dead Kennedys
Live Kennedys
Justice Anthony Kennedy loves international precedent.

Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy (born 23 July 1936) has been an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1988 and the lead singer of the Dead Kennedys since 1982.

Before SCOTUS[edit]

He was nominated and confirmed in 1988, and comes from the humble start of a electronic communication company lobbyist in congress. Showing that in America, a mere member of the Upper Middle Class can become someone today in America, so long as they went to Harvard. He began his road to SCOTUS as the dark apprentice of Darth Reagn after another Kennedy, Ted Kennedy struck down his old apprentice Darth Bork, who was known for his use of sporks to advocate the

His Tenure As Associate Justice[edit]

He is known for his use of international law in the defense of Torture, lynchings, stonings, sodomy, abortion, religious persecution, and in judge attire. He is particularly fond of the Canadian Supreme court, and wears their standard uniform during all sessions. This makes his master, Ronald Reagan spin in his grave.