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Game Cover - Polish Edition


The year it takes place is 2010, after Duncan escapes the Total Drama Island, though he was pursued by Chef. Luckily, Grape Ape was on the island and helped Duncan & Courtney get away by killing Chef . As he moves into the city, his supposed girlfriend, Courtney, is killed by by Spongebob. Duncan starts his gang by first murdering that retarded pedophile Patrick J. Star, then most of his gang members die, and the others leave him in the gutters.

Then he meets the Eds, who set him up with a nice house due to the success of a new scam, and then
Double D in Fatigues
they give him his first real job of clearing a prison of all inmates and guards and freeing Ed. Afterwords, they order a hit on Kevin for all the bullying in the past and Duncan hits him with his ATV, for Kevin's bike was in the Mod Shop. Then the Eds plan an assault on Spongebob's Money laundering routes. Duncan, somehow, wound up destroying another of Spongebob's routes, an illegal nuclear trade route, which in turn, the fireball, turned the desert to glass, also killing Spongebob's consigliere Cornholio Tentacles. Duncan returns to the Eds for a more accurate location of Spongebob's cash, only to find a note that says:" Duncan, Spongebob's currency and other possessions and was destroyed in the fireball caused by the nuclear fission reaction. Edd. PS. Out to find Eddy, he was kidnapped by the Kankers." Then Duncan sets out to the park n' flush trailer park, which he finds to have become a sex fortress. Duncan then storms in with a hand-held minigun or Katana, and then kills the Kankers. Eddy gets a couple bruises in the previous brawl, but then they find Edd in the floor badly injured. They then use the motorized Camper-Fort to get Edd to the hospital. Eddy thanks Duncan, and lets him keep Edd's Mercedes as a gift (Edd is to young to drive anyway), and then the Eds mission set ends. After that you unlock Karl's Odd-Jobs.

Meanwhile back in the city Duncan arrives for Courtney's funeral, and Salvatore's clone greets him. He then gave his apologies for what happened to Courtney. In sympathy and he gave him a new house and on the hillside on the edge of town. He then works for him until Sal betrays him for a money deal. Duncan Turns to the Talking Bananas for help, only to find their missions involved helping a Neo-Nazi cult that worships ham. Duncan then gets help from Grape Ape ,who was, yet again, in rehab, and gets the Banana trio eaten, but then Grape Ape chokes and dies shortly after due to heart failure.

Duncan then turns to Spongebob for help. Spongebob then gives an apology and gives him Chef's
He is gangsta, fool!
sex toy/hog and loose ends are supposedly tied up. Then Duncan gets a cell phone call and Johnny Test orders a hit on Salvatore after he left Spongebob's Mansion. Duncan willingly agrees to it and finds his old gang to hunt Sal down. The gang finds Salvatore in Liberty City's Mama's Restaurant and opens fire on him while he exits. Then he goes back to Cartoon City Via the Upstate Tunnel and then he goes back back to Spongebob's mansion where they find Spongebob in an Apache helicopter waiting to fire all rockets ,which are filled with drugs, nitroglycerin and fecal matter. Spongebob fires, killing the gang. Duncan bails out of the car before it explodes and fires at Spongebob with his bazooka and hits his copter. Then out of insanity Spongebob yells "I am king" and says he is to be called King Spongebob. He then pulls out a minigun from under his lapel and opens fire. Duncan grabs Elmo and then makes him dump on the King Spongebob's Head to p him off, then Spongebob catches Elmo, then molests, rapes, and kills him.

What do you think the ending was? A T-1000 Terminator falls out of nowhere the future shoots the livin' crap out of both of them just for kicks. Or does it? Duncan then wakes up in a funeral parlor, temporarily in a coma. he then goes back to his house takes a shower and goes to bed, knowing he won't lose any more sleep at night.


Duncan- Didn't Die: The Final Showdown - Playable character, he takes no mouth, jacks cars, and murders people. He sometimes tries to be like a gangsta, and often likes shooting people that smoke pot.

Ed, Edd, n Eddy - 3 known Scam Artists in the city. Duncan starts taking orders from them, such as murdering the Kanker Sisters or busting Ed out of prison or taking out Spongebob's Money Laundering racket. Edd was injured after the mission "Where's the Ed" and put in the ICU. If he survived will be revealed in Cartoon City 2.

Spongebob- Died: The Final Showdown- The enemy, took over Bikini Bottom along time ago after murdering King Neptune and taking control of money laundering, racketeering, and drug routes throughout the world. Primary antagonist.

Kankers- Died: Wheres the Ed? - Three lonely sociopaths that harass the Eds. You eventually Cut or shoot (your choice) off their heads and finish their harassment. Secondary antagonist.

Salvatore Leone- Died: Hitt'n on Ya - Old Don of the LC Mob Before Johnny Test had Duncan "whack" him.

Courtney- Died: Free From Harm - Duncan's girlfriend from the TDI Series. Murdered brutally Spongebob after the first mission.

Elmo- Died: The Final Showdown - Used to dump on Spongebob's head to piss him off in the last mission. He is molested, raped, and killed by Spongebob in the last mission of the game. Figures.

Talking Bananas- Died: Assault Banana- Three Talking Bananas , you take orders from them, until you feed them to a drug-crazed Purple Gorilla.

Johnny Test - Some ADHD positive kid that wants to rule the world. You take out his rival, Salvatore, Don of the LC Mob, as an act of revenge. He was once friends with Bling Bling until a car accident, killing Bling Bling and leaving him paraplegic.
Salvatore's Clone (Before Face Lift)

Chef- Died: Escapees - Crazed Pedophile man who tries to rape and kill you in the first mission, but Grape Ape jerks him off Chris' Helicopter and smacks him onto the ground and he splatters everywhere.

Karl - Hobo who can be found around the city for drugs or odd jobs for cash. Cheat: Playable costume' enter this at cheat menu: usukbgns

Grape Ape - Died: Assault Banana - Drug Crazed Purple Gorilla who killed Chef. In another mission he gets fed the Talking Bananas and chokes on a peel, and dies of heart failure.

Bling Bling- Died: 2005 in car accident. He was killed in a car accident 5 years prior to the game.


  • Duncan's Gang
  • Spongebob's Gang
  • Johnny Test
  • The Eds
  • Talking Bananas
  • Bling Bling's Somalian Crew
  • The Colombian Cartel
  • The Liberty City Mafia Families
  • Bling Bling's Rolls Royce


  • Chris's Helicopter
  • Army Tank
  • Duncan's ATV
  • Chef's Hog
  • Krusty Krab Hamburger Car


Creators The Nazi Party & Perry the Platypus
Publishers Rockstar Games & Perry the Platypus
Version 1.4
ESRB Rating M-Mature or who cares anyway, the game ain't real
Number of Players One, (or two if you're lonely)
Does Chuck Norris like it? Yes! But if your gay, no! If you're the Pope, maaayyybeeee....
System Requirements Windows XPeeyourpants, Windows Vista, and all the other Windows or Doors out there
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse, WII REMOTE, Dualshotintheface3, and if you get bored, BB Gun!
Media PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!, Xbox 720, Nintendo Wii ner!,PC