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I'm a rocker as well as a roller. Sometimes I'm a little out of control, but usually just on weekends. I'm a fuel injected suicide machine.

At least I was.

The EPA has become really stringent about emission standards.

I'm more of an Electric/Fuel injected hybrid strongly self-loathing, slightly self-injuring machine now. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

I'm going green!

  • Found this Ninjastar on the ground walking home. Or who knows, maybe it found me, like a Harry Potter wand or something. Point is, I've been using the Ninjastar to carve lightning bolts into the foreheads of children ever since.

UnNews:French philosopher cites fictional characters in new book, is considered laughingstock

  • This article was featured for some reason. I printed it out and left it in my parents mailbox with a note that said "All those years of chaining me up in the basement didn't prepare you for this! I'm famous!"