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Writer of the Month Award Writer of the Month September 2006

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Imre Al-Ized
Online now!
Stupid Dildo Hole
3,000,000,000-year-old man
Seeking great comedy, fine women and Grade-A hash

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Sith Vicious
The Dearth Star
Bukkake Manga
Mad Libs - The Uncyclopedia Edition
Hide and Go Jesus
Unnatural Selection
Paradise Lost
The American Book of the Dead
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rorschach Inkblot Acid Test

Illegal Art Through the Eons[edit]

Imre Al-Ized, inventor of stencils, spraypaint and structural defacement, really threw the apes off track with this one.
Never a dull moment in the Champagne Room.
Yeah, yeah... you're the Lizard King and you can do anything. Tell it to the judge, Jim.


Blood Splatter.jpg