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Tits or GTFO is a quote. But who am I quoting? Well, I'll just let you ponder that for a while.

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You might think it's a quote by 21st century teenager with too much time on their hands. You're wrong. The quote has been said many times throughout history. It was invented by Neal Stevenson in 12,33562,1235160,10181760897 B.C. No, that's a lie. Also, the commas were in the wron gplace.

By the way, GTFO stands for "get the fuck out." Wikipedia doesn't have an article on that, so I thought I'd just drop that knowledge on you. BAM! Like a goddamn ton of feathers. Which weighs the same as a ton of bricks, but is perplexingly less painful. Unless the feathers are really, really compressed. Like they were put in one of those vacuum-seal bags... wait...

The quote, in history[edit]

Here are some examples of "Tits or GTFO." They are arranged chronologically. That means that they are in an order that is chronological.

EMPRESS JOSEPHINE DE BEAUHARNAIS: So strange, victory. Twelve hundred spires, the only sound, Moscow burning. Empty like the Tuileries. In the last extremity, to advance or not to advance I hear you laughing.


LADY CELIA DE FOIS: Mr. Churchill, you are drunk!


HILLARY CLINTON: That isn't change you can believe in. That's change you can Xerox.


OVERLORD MICHELLE CHTWATHKNA: My droogs, the change, the chance, is upon us! No more shall we idle in transpace. No more! I say to you, droogs, that mere is but a dream, that Provost Tran is but a noob, that This is the Threshold of the Seventh!

Nobody said "tits or GTFO" after that speech, because it was already a really old, tired meme.


I'm just sayin', is all. Although, frankly, why do it quickly? Why do quickly what you can do very slowly and with a great deal of discussion? Why, Dexter?