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All your base are belong to InsertKittenHuffingJoke?
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“God I hate this fucking douchebag....InsertKittenHuffingJoke...that name is so fucking uninspired”

~ OW on InsertKittenHuffingJoke

“Oh, yeah- I will fucking kill InsertKittenHuffingJoke- After Linux and Google first you fuckers!”

~ Steve Ballmer on the masta planz dawg...

Steve has tourettes: iPODS iPODS iPODS iPODS iPODS


Insert Kitten Huffing Joke... wow... what a lame id.

I mean, thats so totaly old...

The creator must be some stupid 10 year old kid...

I bet he's one of those douchebags who likes that Emo music..... blah

Why doesn't he just go and blog?


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