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Slaughter II

Slaughter II film poster
Directed by Aldo Rosmer
Produced by Alexander Strand
Written by Aldo Rosmer
Starring Alexander Strand
Sigvart Hovland
Music by Charlie Clouser
Cinematography Aldo Rosmer
Editing by Sigvart Hovland
Distributed by Retro Studio
Ringve Media
Sooz Design
Release date(s) 2008
Running time To be announced
Country Norway
Language English
Budget $10 (estimated)
Preceded by Slaughter

Tagline: The bodycount continues... Forever!

Slaughter II is an upcoming horror/slasher/splatter film scheduled to be released... sometime in the future. The film will be directed by Aldo Rosmer alongside with co-creator Simen Østby and Sigvart Hovland returning as executive producer. The only confirmed actors for the film are Alexander Strand, who will reprise his role as Willy Lane and Sigvart Hovland who will portray a corpse once again, due to his amazing corpse-acting.

This installment centers around a group of teenagers bullying a strange boy at a party, and the consequences that follow. According to co-creator Simen Østby, Slaughter II will have more blood and gore than the first film, while the plot is a lot better.

More torture!


Three teenagers invites a strange boy into the woods, pretending to be his friends, in order to mock him and make fun of him. When things turns bad, the teenagers find themselves in a situation far beyond their imagination and they are about to experience the worst night of their life...

The films opens with the killer burrying the now deceased victims from the first film, who was killed in the ending climax. The story revolves around a group of teenagers inviting Willy to a party. In a fight, one of them manages to kill Willy. The others flee the scene, while the one responsible and one of the girls is kidnapped by a stalker. The remaining teenagers are eventually found and brought to a torture chamber. They fight their kidnapper and kills him in the prosess.

After escaping, the remaining boy is shot and killed by Willy, who is revealed to be alive. In flashbacks from before the first film, the earliest roots of the series is revealed, which presented the killer as a psychopathic janitor. When Willy was bullied as seen in the first film, the janitor took care of him and they became friends. Willy agreed to become his protégé and they started killing of the bullies, one by one.

Slaughter II ends on a cliffhanger when Willy holds Jenny at gun point. The screen cuts to black and the end credtis roll accompanied by Sixx AM's song "Tomorrow".

The series creator Aldo Rosmer was reported to have stated that "some unanswered questions from the first movie will be answered, such as the fate of the boy and the girl". In another interview, he stated that Slaughter II will have a "tremendous ending and that Slaughter II has the most cliffhanger-ish ending in horror movie history". Official statements have revealed that the film will explore several plot elements relating to the character "The Killer", who was also confirmed by Østby to be back.

On the official Slaughter fan page, director Aldo Rosmer says: "We WILL reveal who the killer is...". Simen Østby has confirmed that the last 5 minutes of the film will be EXTREMELY violent, pushing the barrier in horror.

A flashback from the first film.


The screenplay, written by Rosmer, was partly inspired by the "Saw" film series, "Hostel", "Cold Prey", "Halloween" and "Friday 13th". In particular, the twist at the end of the film is similar to one that takes place in Saw II, and is also accompanied by the films theme.

Rosmer himself has been candid about his influences. He said, "I steal from every single movie ever made. If people don't like that, then tough tills, don't go and see it, all right? I steal from everything".

It has been stated that 90% of the crew from the last movie will be back.

Slaughter II is not recommended for persons under 18 of age, due to sequences of extreme graphic torture, strong disturbing content, mayhem, pervasive terror, profanity, grisly violence throughout, disturbing images, explicit language, sexual references, drug use, alcohol and mild nudity.

Links to other films[edit]

As in any other movies directed or written by Aldo Rosmer, there are a lot of references and connections. In "Saw II" (2004), the twist ending is accompanied by "Hello Zep" by Charlie Clouser. The ending in Slaughter II is a direct reference.

Simen Østby hinted that it might be some stuff from "The Ususal Suspects" (1995) this time.

Several lines of dialogue is taken directly from "Hostel" (2006).

It is reported that Aldo Rosmer might play one of the characters himself, that is, if no one else want to. According to Rosmer, he took the role of El Demonio in Mobdogs (2007) because nobody else would. He did the same thing in Slaughter and the Huldra music video. He has later been known as a guy who "takes a role nobody else wants".


Two lead characters have been confirmed to be "Kevin" and "Jenny". Aldo Rosmer has been quoted as saying that the type of actors that he sought for the film were "good-looking kids who you might see in a Pepsi commercial." The film itself is described as having more "character stuff" than the first movie. Aldo Rosmer has hinted that Sigvart Hovland would make a cameo in the film either as a flying monkey or a corpse. Rumours of Willy Lane's return has been confirmed by Simen Østby.

Both the boy and the girl from the first movie are dead, according to multiple crew members for Slaughter II. Though they will return in some shape and form.


Charlie Clouser will do the music for the film. The band Sixx AM will perform the closing credits theme for the movie. The song is called "Tommorow".


  • Aldo Rosmer got the idea for the plot while the first film was in production.
  • Editor Sigvart Hovland preferred to make a hardcore porn movie with cows, instead of a sequel to Slaughter. However, after being convinced by Aldo Rosmer, he changed his mind.
  • Real meat will be used for gore.


Actor Role
Alexander Strand Willy Lane
TBA Kevin Laruso
TBA Jenny Anderson
TBA Franky Castillo
Marianne Danielsen Abby Kaulitz
Magnus Kjenstad (rumoured) The Killer
Fredrik Myklebust (rumoured) The Killer Unmasked
Jo Even Bjørke Teddy (Flashback)
Birte Wahlstrøm Amanda (Flashback)
Martin Wiggen Bully #1 (Flashback)
Ketil Pedersen Bully #2 (Flashback)
Martin Kverndal Bully #3 (Flashback)
Sigvart Hovland Jason (Flashback)
Jan Vlasák Voice of The Killer (voice)
TBA Corpse #1
TBA Corpse #2