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“Dude, it just looks like my mama.”

~ Dude on Brutes

“The most dangerous creature to come across.”

Et tu, Jiral- GAAAK!”

~ Julius Caesar on being hit with a gravity hammer

The Brute (scientific name Jiralhanae) is a species of violent aliens that looks like a gorilla on steroids that appear in the famous video game series Halo. A Brute's physical appearance is different from other species of aliens as their body is covered with fur instead of scales and have the appearance of a gorrilla, and are therefore called different nicknames by other species of life, such as gorilla, yeti, ape, and fluffy (not a recomended nickname to call them by due to being too cute for Brutes, and those who do meet an unpleasant end). They are occasional confused with Grues, but such a theory is considered irrelevant, as Brutes contain features that grues lack, such as sharper teeth, aggressive attitudes, dangerous and cruel weapons, and strength so powerful they can break a human 300 times in one swift move, making grues look like harmless kittens. They are part of the alen military called the coalition Covenant, and developed a feud over their fellow soldiers called Elites, another race of blood thirsty and skilled aliens. Brutes also hold the record of having the biggest alien dick in the universe.

Habitat and Nature[edit]

Brutes are from the Planet Doisac, a war-torned planet with most magma and magnetism on most of its surface. They can survive almost anywhere, from the planet Mars to the streets of Philadelphia (if you can survive there, you can survive anywhere). They stay on planets with heavy gravity, which explains their impossible strength.

The nature of Brutes is very violent and dangerous especially if they haven't had their cup of coffee in the morning. Their is no reason why; they like to break stuff and get mad. When brutes get really mad, they go berserk and kill everything they see. Despite being such violent beast, brutes are very religious and will kill anhy people who hate religion in a brutal matter.


Before they joined The Covenant, they lived in clans always fought other clans to see who was the best. At one time they had large amounts of technology, but they continued to fight, and blew their asses back to barbarism by the time the Covenant discovered them. The Elites, another alien race, did not like them for fear they will be replace with them, so the Brutes were kept at lower rank like janitor duty and cleaning the bathrooms. During the Human/Covenant War they are used as secondary forces. However after the Master Chief blewup the Halo Ring and killed one of the Covenant's leaders they become the protectors for the Prophets, and after the Prophets betray the Elites, they become the primary force used by the Covenenat. This, betrayal, however, led a civil war between the Covenant Seperatist (Elites, Grunts and Hunters) and the Covenant Loyalists (Brutes, Jackals, Drones).

Current Life[edit]

Since the Covenant Loyalist have been defeated and their leaders killed, Brutes do random stuff. They also play in movies like the Children of King Kong and I Dated a Gorilla. They mostly loose money at the crap tables and banging women off the internet. After finding out their religion was false, they turned to other religions such as Christianity, Catholism, Scientology, Judaism, etc. There are no atheist Brutes known to exist, as all Brutes must be religious and would be killed if they didn't believe in anything.

Appearance in Games[edit]

They do not appear in Halo: Combat Evolved because Bungie didnt like their acting at first and and thought furry aliens were not scary. They make their appearance in Halo 2, were they can be encountered in only four levels. They do no have armor yet, except some honor guard Brutes. They become the main infrantry force in Halo 3.

Notable Brutes[edit]

Many notable brute existed through out the centuries. King Bruteonidas, the most powerful and toughest of all Brutes, was one of them. During he fourth Brute Civil War, he led 300 hundred of his soldiers, called Spartan Brutes, against the army of King Berxes.

Cookie Monster was also a Brute, a rare species of Blue Brute. He fought many battles and became king of his home planet for many years. However in The Great Brute CIvil War 5 he was injured in battle by a Graviy Hammer, and after recovery he had a low voice. He decided to retire and came to Earth, were he found the love of his life; cookies. He then joined Seseame Street, making one of the first friendships between Brutes and humans.

Another notable one is Brudolf Hitler, the dictactor of the Brutes. He was trained by none other than Adolf Hitler, and brought Nazism to his species. He also hated Brutes who are Jews, called Jewish Brutes or Brews, and ordered their extermination, calling it The Jewish Brute Holocaust. However his evil reign came to an and when Svoiet Brutes killed him, and Brute Nazism collapsed.