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Princess Freya Excel Onion, the Samurai Elf Werewolf Bitch Goddess of all that is Fluffy. Patron of furries everywhere and longtime soulmate of Loki.


The goddess of fluffies, hyperness, aikido and manga. Her patron creatures include the wolf and the elf.

Born and raised in the colder, northern region of Uber-Philadelphia, she studied under Hattori Hanzo from a young age, eventuly developing her own style, Aikido, the way of self abuse.

During her teenage years, she first met Loki, it was NOT love at first sight, infact, he was essentialy her stalker for some time, but they eventuly hit it off and have been happy ever since. The two found common ground in there love of wreaking havoc......and of course, yiff.

At present, she lives in a palace on Uber-Hokkaido island, but often drops by Loki's place in Uber-Fukuoka.


Worship of Freya is much more losely defined than other religions. For example, she doesnt like offerings as much as others, but she will accept certain things.

  • Food: Almost any non-chocolate Pocky.
  • CDs: J-pop.
  • Plushies: Just the soft and cute.
  • Anime and Manga: Quote Freya - "Anything with fluffies and bloodspray."

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Her natural talents include mastery of magic, communication with animals and making plants grow abnormaly large. This has lead to several barely avoided incidents of Tentacle Rape

She is a martial arts expert due to her training by Hattori Hanzo, and master of her own style, Aikido.