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Fukuoka is one of the larger cities in Japan, and the largest in Fukuoka prefecture, and on Kyushu island. It is the main center for learning in all of Japan.


Founded in 1783 by Hattori Hanzo, it quickly became an important center for learning, with many schools and colleges being built in it.(This is the reason for the high rate of schoolgirls.) Containing many shrines to Loki, the city has a very free attitude towards sex.(This is the reason for the high rate of pregnant schoolgirls.)

Fukuoka is prone to several monster attacks each month. Most of these attacks are attempts to capture members of the schoolgirl population for Breeding, thankfully, the many universities and schools of the city have developed advanced Robotic technology to defend the precious schoolgirls. Investigation into these attacks found that the monsters were very restless, thusly leading to the establishment of the tri-weeekly monster battles.


The majority of Fukuoka's population are female students, about 30% of which are pregnant. Thusly, Fukuoka has many hospitals and facilities dedicated to the care of pregnant schoolgirls. Many hotels, restaurants and other buisnesses are tailored almost specificly to pregnant schoolgirls

Due to the volatility of pregnant schoolgirls, they are kept in seperate classes from non-pregnant schoolgirls.


As with much of Japan, Uber-Fukuoka has its own distinct clothing style. One of the main fashion trends is depictions of Gamera, Uber-Fukuoka's hometown hero.