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Commander of the Order
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The Man, The Myth, The Legend[edit]

To give you some kind of idea of the kind of work I do, just look at the articles below; I try to make sure that they stay classy. However, if you really want to know my major contribution to this site, just go to the new pages area and look at all the crappy pages. Then, go back five minutes later. The ones that aren't there? I hunted them down and exterminated them like the plague-bearing rats of suck that they are; hence the name. I'm a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, man; so don't test me, or you just might find yourself mercilessly huffed!


Early Crap That I Hate[edit]

Grand Monk's Prayer
Chuck Norris' Beard
The King
April 1st
Barnes & Noble


Microsoft Word Paperclip
Guy Code
William Faulkner


Charles Dickens - My Personal Favorite




Janet Reno
Pithy Saying Man
The Sirronic Empire
Samuel L Jackson

Works In Progress[edit]

The Navidson Record
UnBooks:The Pickwick Papers

My Personal Calling Card[edit]

This article has been JUDG'd!

In other words, this steamy pile of an article either needs a rewrite or needs to be mercilessly executed. In other other words, Judgement, prepare to be huffed!