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KaRoLuS and Uncyclopedia[edit]

This is an abbreviated form of "Karolus", Latin for Charles, which Charlemagne (Charles the Great) used as the monogram to authorise documents. Basically, I pinched it, and now it's mine.

I used to use Wikipedia all the time. When I came across the BJAODN I was obsessed with the hysterical hilarity of it. However, in time, I came to realise that BJAODN had lost its edge: no longer was it a collection of side-splittingly and unbearably funny comments, but it had become a hive of lame vandalism that was only created in the hope that it would find its way there - and of course, at least one idiot would find it funny.

Uncyclopedia lacks the monotony and unfunniness of latter-day BJAODN, and is consistently fresh. Why do I like Uncyclopedia? Like Wikipedia, it is a community. But not one consisting of a multitude of intellectual snobs. Uncyclopedia is synonomous with fun. And the inside jokes!!

My Favourite Articles[edit]

What is Sophia? A person, or a concept? Sophia is... HOT, BABY!!

I consider these to be the funniest pages on Uncyclopedia. Of course, I could be wrong. They're my personal favourites, at least.


“No clause for undue alarm...”

~ Charles "KaRoLuS" Tindall

“Surely you jest.”

~ KaRoLuS on something incredible

“Well! Pardon my French, but allez à l'enfer.”

~ KaRoLuS

“You never learn that you're not supposed to do something until after you actually do it.”

~ KaRoLuS on screw-ups at work

“Tomorrow, we dine.”

~ KaRoLuS

Selected Images[edit]

  • 55 Gallon Drum of Whoop-Ass
  • Acid Balloon
  • Bomb Filled with Knives
  • Cat-Toast Device
  • Double-Sided Folding Chair
  • Eminem: Human Rights Spokesperson
  • Franz PWNED
  • iPope
  • Kitten Huffing
  • Miced Volvo
  • Microsoft Word. (Black Version)
  • Nun-chucks
  • Porcupine Grenade
  • The Most Quotable SmackDown! of All Time
  • Serrated Bullet
  • Scissor Wars
  • Shark with a Frickin' Laser Beam Attached to its Head
  • JFK's Real Assassin
  • Squirrel Exploder