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“yum cheese”

~ the leader on cheese


The leader of brooke weston was born in the late 1500's he became the rat turned nazi when he famously was conducting research while on his moon station. The experiment quite visibly went wrong and he became a rat. his later achievements included drilling deep into the moons cheese core and eating the contents. and transcribing the The brooke weston way in the 1600's as he aged he became friends with the great jew and great jew gasser. from then he became Nazi and decided to build a student slave camp in the great town of little Scotland. He did this because he believed that the little sheepshaggers and steelworkers were perfect students slaves for his good sinister ideas.

“top of the mornin to ya”

~ irish man on the leader

brooke weston[edit]

The leader with his sidekick now gone decided to open a concentration camp disguised as a collage to fuel his honest sinister needs. He decided to steal the money of two men called Brooke and Weston to build his collage concentration camp and then insult and taunt them by calling it the names of them combined.

The Brooke weston Way[edit]

“ich liebe ze brooke weston way”

~ hitler on the brooke weston way

Transcribed by the man himself in the 1600s, the brooke weston way was seen to be the way forward by evil sorcerers (tony blair) to make children slaves have a better life. The BWW dictates that children should be tidy, play tidy and do everything tidy. These rules are put into force by the VP's (vile people) who are the Leaders henchmen. the VP's use there minions (geeks) -who are trained by the leader himself in the ways of the grass- to spy on the normal average kid. if a kid is "grassed" on by a minion then he/she is taken to a room and made to look at walls and do a thousand word essay, he/she is then brainwashed reappears white and with a spy sheet that the watchers aka teachers fill in after every lesson camp period.