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IƤ! This user has seen the Yellow Sign and, strangely, hasn't died horribly.
Bkcrown.jpg This user is a Royal elitist, and scoffs at users who are not.

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WTF is this template. I have no idea. Anyway, look at Darth Vader. Woooo, Vader...
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So this is it. You found my hideout. Whaddaya want, a frickin' ribbon?

About Me[edit]

Caternest.jpg You have been cited in Uncyclopedian Bios.
Apparently you are "notable".
Don't ask me why; I think you're lame.

You want more, huh? Sorry. Not on the first date, pal.


While I've made some minor contributions here and there, my main function is the detection and E-RAD-I-CA-TION of STU-PID HU-MAN CRAP!!! With the help of my pet Dalek. He's friendly, feel free to pet him on my talk page.


Got this one for wading through dreck with a machete and a flamethrower. Someone's gotta do it if we're ever going to win the war against brain-damaged 7th Grade boys.

  • 80's Gangland Rule #126: Headbands can make anyone look "street."
  • 80's Gangland Rule #126-A (Corollary): Except the guy in the Michael Jackson "Beat It" video.

Yeah, that's right... I work for the MAN.

Ok, so I don't use the "show preview" button very much on my userpage! But I'm armed now!

I got the music in me!
Jump, Magic, Jump!
Aw, yeah!