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Too long has old Uncyclopedian Politics tarnish the people. Corruption within UnSoc has undermined efforts of honest, Uncyclopedia loving citizens. The Grue Army has nothing but pushed their wicked agendas which only benefit the rich.

The Cat Party wants to change all that. This party promises to reach across the isle and make this Uncyclopedian government corruption free! The Cat Party stands for justice, equality and most importantly of all, pussy. If the Cat Party is elected into power, there will be a cabinet dedicated just for pussy.

What We Want To Enact:

  • The No Pussy Left Behind Act - Never again shall innocent pussy be left behind.
  • Outlaw Kitten Huffing - Millions of kittens each year are grown solely for their huffing qualities. This needs to stop at once.
  • Legalize Cat Marriage - If a man or a woman wants to marry their pet cat then they should be allowed to.
  • Tax Cut of Cat Kibbles - During the Uncyclopedian Recession, it is only right for citizens to be given government relief in the form of tax cuts on kibbles.

Please join and spread our cause. Do not let the old corrupt acts of UnSoc destroy you livelihood! Change is coming! Pussy is coming! The Pussy you deserve!


A vote for UnSoc is a vote for baby killing

  • Our leader Kingkitty is running for Union leader of Uncyclopedia, go vote for him in the village dump!
  • News of corruption within the Grue Army has been leaked. It seems HanSolo has been doing under the table dealings with the President of the Organized Seal Clubbing Committee. ~ 10/18

The Grue Army also supports baby killing

If you agree with the Cat Party policies, then become a member! Please register below using normal formatting. No time stamps please. Party ranks will be added at a later time.

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