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the art of chain email propaganda.

Types of Chain Email Propanganda[edit]

There are three main types of Chain Email Propanga:

  • Curses
  • Political Activism
  • Religious Evangelicalism


It should be noted that this type of chain email is becoming less popular, as it's writers have moven to MySpace and YouTube.

Political Activism[edit]

become a political activists without actually having to get off your ass.

You read an article on World Net Daily that a certain presidential candidate is an Islamic Socialists that has ties to Al Qaeda.

If the email gets circulating enough, the CIA is bound to hear this information eventually.

To make it sound more credible, say in the headline "Confirm by Snopes", since chances are the reader will not actually go to Snopes.[1]

Religious Evangelicalism[edit]

To add the guilt cherry of top, use the phrase, "Jesus said that if you deny Him before men, He will deny you before the Father." This is similiar to the death threat, except rather than failure to send email will result in death in a week, it will damn you to Hell for eternity.

In Conclusion[edit]


  1. If on occasion the receiver is a Snopes reader, tell them that Snopes is unreliable, in that it has a liberal bias.