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“I don't want to kick against the pricks; it hurts my feet and I don't want to be seen as a homophobic”

~ Great advice revised

“My advice to literary hacks? Leave it to the prose”

~ Me on Literary Aspirants

“All animals are illegitimate children - that's why I called my dog 'Bastard'”

~ Anon.
No Wikipedia.png
Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Knucmo2. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.

“Can you quote me the serial number on your product please?/ No, because it's never said anything and numbers can't talk”

~ An amusing comeback I overheard

“In a hypothetical scenario, I was once asked if I would rather be blind or deaf, so I replied that I would rather be both, so I would never have to see or hear the people who ask me such stupid questions again.”

~ Anon



  • Ah yes, sweet 2007 - when I had more of a life (and a degree to do).
  • Later on, I made some edits to Geoffrey Boycott
  • I might even have added a userbox!



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