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Kris Smoot originally surfaced on this website midway through 2007 as a child fresh out of the eighth grade. With a middle-school-level sense of "humor," Smoot was naturally unfunny on a large scale. He did, however, create the beast that is the Roger Clemens article, parodying steroids by employing pot as his device. He's a smart guy, but, coming out of a school system in Red State Kentuckistan, he had to throw in some gay jokes and 69 humor. His main characters (aside from the expected Oscar Wilde) were Steve Wozniak (a man who, when he danced atop baseball dugouts, caused teams to lose) and John Cena (a man who always overCAME the odds, much like he does in WWE).

Kris Smoot also unfortunately authored the WET article, a steaming piece of crap. Feel free to huff that article.

On the cusp of 2010, THE Smoot is back with an actual sense of humor beyond the middle-school realm of sexual innuendo and homophobia. The years have been good to him, a plus for everyone.

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Articles Authored by KrisSpoopballs[edit]

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Pages He Has Contributed Heavy-Editing To[edit]

  • John Cena (before it was CVP'd)

Pages He Pretty Much Created, But Were Already Created With Less Than a Paragraph of Misinformation[edit]

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Pages He Created That Were Deleted By Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • Washington Nationals
  • Bean bag
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Bostjan Nachbar

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