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Mademoiselle Bouti ready to seduce a Disciple. Painting by Charles Lebrun. Courtesy of the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Welcome, oh intrepid and unknown stranger, to the mysterious jungle of Lambic's Hidden Stories, the parallel world of plots and conspirations, strictly restricted to youthful adults!

The Hidden Story of Adelaïde Béatrice Suzanne Bouti

Her roots and other private parts[edit]

Born in Paris from English parents (she adapted her father's name Booty to the French language) in 1656, she showed an intelligence far above average from age two, when she transcribed the juicy parts of the books she found in her father's library.

A secret longing[edit]

Mademoiselle Bouti ready to mix with Sorbonne students. Engraving by A. Nonymous.

From age five, she definitely knew she would go to France's most famous University, La Sorbonne de Paris. She also was convinced of doing so at age twelve. Alas, French University life was a "White Males Only" affair, and although she wasn't particularly dark skinned, she couldn't hide her gender! Despite this the young lass managed to pass herself off as Sheik Ya' Bouti, a Persian Prince, for over four years (from 1671 till 1675), and indeed, it did not stop her participating in numerous affairs with her fellow students, much to their surprise. By 1675 she didn't need this camouflage any more, as the result of her Masterplan!

The Masterplan[edit]

Gathering a bunch of influential people: the XVII Disciples[edit]

If you, oh intrepid and unknown stranger, think that lobbying is a XXth Century business, then you are mistaken! Mademoiselle Bouti started to vamp a bunch of people close to the Royal Court (she couldn't get to the King, who sent his Dauphin instead), urging them to a yearly convention that would work for the Admission of Female Students at the French Sorbonne. Well, the actual title was in French[1], but you get the gist of it. She started with Jean Bart, which choice could have created her a lifelong enemy: Elisabeth Lajoly de Laba, Jean's Wench. But jealousy was not in Elisabeth's dictionary. Nonetheless, in order to keep an eye on her Pirate, Elisabeth managed to be elected Disciple as well. Some Noodly Inspiration might have promoted that decision a well!

The Plot[edit]

La Sorbonne, the nickname of a college created in 1253, didn't allow female students until 1867. That's what YOU think, brother. Or sister. Or both. They were allowed, they even graduated, from 1675 till 1695! After this trial period (evolution went slower, back then), Louis XIV made two important decisions: he ordered the Sorbonne to go back to the White Males Only policy, and bombed Brussels. The latter caused Jean Bart to ignore the Dauphin from 1696 on, the former decision made Bouti and Elisabeth cast a very evil eye on the King, causing all his hair to fall out. After promoting for more than twenty years the baroque wig "Made in France", telling everybody his exuberant hairdo was in fact such wig, all of a sudden he really needed one! Furthermore, King Louie made sure to have every account on the experiment removed from all official documents, thus misleading generations of scholars.

Death and descendance[edit]

Bouti died in Paris in 1755, shortly before her 100th birthday. Her considerable offspring (23, all girls, all different fathers) started a tradition of keeping the mother's family name instead of the father's. The entire line consists of female descendants so far, of some of which returned to the original "Booty" spelling. The most famous descendeant of Bouti is Professor A.B.S. Booty, known for her research on the Thong Dynasty and the Pan Ti Line, and for her "Save the Armadillo!" lobby movement.


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