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Lemon2 is the re-incarnation of Lemon. By forgetting his password and not leaving an e-mail address, he generated high levels of bad karma. As a result, he was re-born with a number where the end of his name should have been. Henceforth, he will wander the shadowy margins of time and space lamenting his fate, always accompanied by that accursed digit.

Origins of the Lemon[edit]

One of the many manifestations of the Lemon. If you see one Run like Hell

In the beginning, the Monad emanated 20 aeons, each less perfect than the last. The final emanation was the Demiurge, called Yaldabaoth, and from this foul being, father of all that is evil, emanated one more aeon, more evil than Evil itsef. He is the Destroyer of Nations, the Corrupter of Everything-on-which-he-looks. Know him and fear him for in him is the End. One day there will be visited upon the Earth a plague more direful than any previous, and on this day he will come upon the Earth to wreak havoc and he is called "the Lemon".

The dreadful source of evil which sprang from Yaldabaoth in turn went through numerous changes, agonising and monsterous. Each time the beast changed the result was even worse. At las the peoples of the Earth grouped together to purge this fiend from the world. After a final and terrible battle, in which many were slain and a few more got slightly bruised, the forces of Good emerged triumphant. As usual, the puny mortals made the typical error of leaving the corpse out under the moon. When the rays fell upon the body, life was breathed back into that which all hoped to be dead and the cursed Lemon was returned, a resentful being sworn to have vengeance upon all who wronged him. Or alternatively to write some crappy articles on Uncyclopedia.

Vile and Terrible Acts of the Lemon[edit]

Since his emergence upon this Earth, the Lemon has smought mankind in the following ways:

1. Creating the article on the Perse School. (Actually, I didn't do the 'people to look out for' bit, but I'll take responsibility for the whole monstrosity)

2. Using the made-up word "smought" as the past participle of smite.

3. Creating the article on Shelley.

4. Creating the article on The H P Lovecraft Code.

5. Creating the article on Fenlanders.