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Source: Unquotable:Quote Market.

From Frank West[edit]

Price: Hell, we'll pay you to take them off our hands!

(I'm still waiting to be paid, of course.)

From UnBooks:Adventure gamebook[edit]

“I play super kawest.”

~ Dan Quayle on Adventure Gamebooks

Price: $1.00

“I also found that all of the endings sucked, no matter which one you got to.”

~ Evil Pizza on Adventure Gamebooks

Price: $5.99

“I had a lot of them when I was little. I liked to look at the pictures of macho-men in tights.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Adventure Gamebooks

Price: $10.00

“WHAT?! Someone used pen! I will terminate the girly man who wrote on this gamebook in pen!”

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger on Adventure Gamebooks

Price: $2.00

“In Soviet Russia, gamebook reads/plays YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on Adventure Gamebooks

Price: $5.32/$3.24

Buy them ALL and save 20% on your next Quote Market purchase!

(Total: Don't wanna think about it.)

From Paris Hilton[edit]

“Ooooh look, tequila.”

~ Paris on Sex

Price: A bottle of tequila, and she's yours

Didn't really need that bottle anyway. Of course, I don't really need Hilton anyway either. Decisions!

From Microsoft Windows[edit]

“I'm so gonna roundhouse kick that f**king Windows logo”

~ Chuck Norris on Microsoft Windows

Price: $300

From Soviet Russia[edit]

“In Soviet Russia, UMD pops out from YOU!!”

Price: 10 cents

“In Soviet Russia, computer wastes away its youth on YOU!”

Price: $8.75

“In Soviet Russia, genitals masturbate you!”

~ Russian Reversal on Lonelyness

“In Soviet Russia, Oscar Wilde quotes YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on Oscar Wilde

From McDonalds Characters[edit]

“Where's my break today? Where's my fucking break? AAAAAAGH!”

~ Birdy on not getting a break today

Price: $1.45

From Atom Bomb[edit]

“Oh how I love the Atom Bomb.”

~ Chuck Norris on on the Atom Bomb

Price: 50 cents

From Swedish Chef[edit]

“I cun't stup eateeng thuse-a demn Svedeesh Feesh!!”

~ Swedish Chef on Swedish Fish

Price: 10 krona

“Villy Vonka vas a vild visher. Vat? Vat are you-a looffing at?!”

~ Swedish Chef on the letter W

Price: 25 öre

“Vat do you meen-a?! You cunt depoort me, I em a legill reseedent!”

~ Swedish Chef on being deported back to Sweden


From Jack Bauer[edit]

“I think he really doesn't know.”

Price: $3.40


~ Jack Bauer on Audrey


From Universal Remote Control Everything 3000[edit]

“I freeze time with them.”

~ Towelhead on Universal Remote Control Everything 3000

Price: The next issue of Captain Obvious comics.

“I use it to fix my hair and to kill that annoying neighbor kid.”

~ Tina Fey on Universal Remote Control Everything 3000

Price: A wet hairdryer.

From Trogdor[edit]

“Let's do lunch”

~ Oscar Wilde on Trogdor

Price: a Roast Kerrek.

“Mmm... he can burninate me any day.. that's right sister!”

~ Man on Man Action

Price: A burned peasant.

From Crayons[edit]

“Crayons love people.”

~ Richard Simmons on Crayons


“I drew a picture of God, but I ran out of purple.”

~ Bill Gates on The color of God

“Who needs crayons, when you have Markers?”

~ Steven Hawking on Markers

“Screw this, I'm making a bomb.”

~ Albert Einstein on Nobody cares

“Crayons are cool.”

~ Wu Tang Clan on Crayons


~ Samuel L. Jackson on Nobody cares

From Ayumi Hamasaki[edit]

“ Nice... ”

~ Peter Weller on Ayumi Hamasaki

Price: ¥1000.00

Price: 1 Koda Kumi Album of your choice!

From Pink Floyd[edit]

“I did not have sexual relations with that song.”

~ Rick Wright on that lying bitch echoes

Price:Money(But keep you hands off of my stack!)

From Chav[edit]

“In Soviet Russia, Chavs pity You!!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Mr. T's comments on Chavs