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Freind, Freinds, Poseur, Made in China, Ha! Ha!, Standing on one knee position, Orthodox Funk, Kilometer, The most awesome page ever, Kilometers, Mr. Yuk, JK Rowling, , Robert Hamburger, Hoover dam, Freedonia, Greensboro, NC, P. I. M. P., TLAs, TLA, Strunk and White Deoderant, Protests, Showers, Safety Dance, Blue links, Txting, Chilax, Digestion, Touch typing, Earth is Actually Round, Round-earth theory, Awareness, Virtuous Reality, Grandfather paradox, Bipolar Disorder


Cloning, Pi day, Predator, SETI, Rent, Template:Spoiler, Red link, Prohibition, Comedy, Magic (and game), Qwerty, Youranus, 420, 42, Nobody, The future, Confusion, Reality, iPod, Hammer Time, Spork, Cheese grater, Drug, Yo-yo, Money, Brokeback Mountain, The Final Countdown, Deal or No Deal, Lorem ipsum, Friendship, Motorcycle, Crap, Caffeine, Mountain Dew, Snakes on a Plane, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Babelfisch, Babelfish, Grue, Dinosaurs, Lion, Gollum, Animal, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Rodent, Atlantis, Yale, Guest, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Uri Geller, Don Quixote, Milosevic, Adorno, Green Day, Spinal Tap, Dave, Nuns

Does not exist[edit]

(Blank) Solid idea No solid idea Idea may occur
That weirdo who lives on your lawn, Scavenger, Underwater basket weaving , The Smashin' of the Christ, Hierarchy Not solid, Left blank TLA, Resticles, Green links, Edible


(Blank) Clear how to improve Unclear how to improve Ideas possible Improvement hardly necessary
Unacceptable Free will, Home, Geek, Stoner Godzilla, Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel Revolution 393, Interrobang, Religion N/A
Acceptable One-night stand, Lies, Star Trek, Lion, Virginity (contradiction idea), David Farragut, Apostraphe, Nuff, Woman Empire, Calvin Coolidge Bicycle, Miguel de Cervantes, Googleplex, Motorola Solid, An assortment of speakers from every nation and religious background, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Lemony Snicket, UnNews:Bush Makes Surprise Visit To White House, Meal or No Meal, Harry Potter, Pop Bomb, Oscars, Keyboard, Da Vinci code, Gollum, Nagasaki, Chuck Norris/2, Sudoku, Internet Hiroshima,
Featured, why not fix Featured, near-perfect Quasi-featured Brilliant, near-nomination?
AAA, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Founding Fathers (alternate idea) Calvin and Hobbes, UnNews:New "voice chat" feature proposed for mobile phones Flying Spaghetti Monster, Philosophy

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