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About LiberalFreak[edit]

Back in the days of the darkness, he alone slaughtered the dragons of Hong Kong with his titanium spork, and devoured the mighty Lebanese radishes and set free their Scientologist slaves (which he later came to regret). Now, having been exiled to the frozen depths of New York City (the capital city of Peru) by the Uzbekistan, he is forced to live off of charred cinder blocks that were left by the Maritains who aided the Americans in their War of Independence against Switzerland back in 1776. For water, he melts small glaciers with small lasers embedded under his fingernails. While he makes due with the cinder blocks and snow, while he quietly plots his revenge on the Overlord of Uzbekistan, he is desperately in need of salt and is looking for a way to convert his supply of H2O into NaCl. If you know of such a method, please contact him via cell phone. His number can be found on any yellow billboard. In the mean time, as he waits for your call, he will sit at his laptop and edit the Wiki formatted pages of Uncyclopedia