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Please be rude nice o_O


I have a page... And if you violate, disrupt, vandalise, or persist to be just plain mean, I will cry.


I will share a miniscule amount of my disgustingly un-funny ideas in this section. please note that I fail alot, only when mocked or copied from :)


I will edit the kittens page so that I can add information about dust bunnies and there relation to kittens through shear demonic fluffiness

Dust bunnies[edit]

This is my own page, MY idea. Not yours.

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The following is MY article on dust bunnies[edit]


Small, fluffy, distracting and malicious - Unmistakably one of the most dangerously fluffy things you will ever come across. Often found hiding under beds, or on top of ceiling fans. If found on top of ceiling fans be very catious, because they will jump. They will eat. You will die. Then you will be pooped out and turned into a Grue. Most people confuse fluffy for furry. There is a very subtle difference between the two:

  • Fluffy can be dangerous. Furry cannot
  • Furry can be cute. Fluffy cannot

There are some cases where the two can co-exists. Kittens, for example, can be both cute and dangerous. Therefore creating a completely flawless killing machine.

Destruction of all things fluffy[edit]

There are many ways to put an end to the fluffiness epidemic:

  • Get off your arse but and clean every once an a while
  • Don't pay any attention to the above point, it lies
  • Buy a vacuum, and fit it with lasers
  • learn how to play soccer and bend the bunny, into another dimension, like beckam

The end of my first article[edit]


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  • Not funny
                                     MOVE AWAY FROM
                                                   HARMFUL OBJECTS
                                                                  BEFORE VEIWING