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Caek GET Loop 08:30, 28 Sep 2005 (UTC)


I am a Loop, that is pretty much it, I discovered this site thanks to a friend, and I have begun my career editing here, I do a lot of stuff that others may not get, if you dont get it please dont modify it, cause someone else will get it, Hallowed are the Ori.

Visitor Comments[edit]

please sign your comments if you reply here.

Articles I have created, and pretty much done all the work on[edit]

Those I have contributed to and Liked the results thereof[edit]


yeah I got the idea from Splaka.

Olsen Twins[edit]

Thank you for returning this article to the land of the living! There had been a previous incarnation that got huffed after I made a bunch of links to it. My links were so lonely, but you've saved them! Thank you! I believe everyone has the authority to give cookies, so here you go:

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