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Y0u g07 PWND!
The Gamer Nation of l33tl4nd
Neo-industria.jpg {This space on hire}
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Fear the pwnage.
Anthem: "l33t rocks" by U2
Capital Tetris-on-Pong
Previous capital L33tlantis
Largest city l33tlantis
Official language(s) l33t, h4x.
Government Gamerocracy
President Pac-Man
‑ Party I Eat Dots Party
‑ King Chronarion
National Hero(es) Master Chief
Established 1 billion BMOO2(Before Master Of Orion 2)
Currency The hack (plural h4x) is the official currency.
Religion Gaming
Internet TLD .leet

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity can pwn Newton!


It's all fun and games until someone blows up the sun. ~ Sam D. Hughes @

c41culu5 r0xx0r[edit]

My Fave Equation[edit]

Clouds are aliens[edit]

A cloud (Prokaryota nebulositus) is a living single-celled disease organism which grows up to thousands of meters in length and which lives in the atmospheres of major planets.--Loopquanta137 10:27, 2 November 2006 (UTC) Quoted from reliable source Uncyclopedia

Or are they? Recent evidence has shown that clouds are actually giant alien quantum computers, holding millions of virtual aliens ready to be unleashed. Just look at them. Glaring at us across the gulf of air. They are probably the reason for the existence of grues.

The Caton[edit]

The caton is a subatomic particle. The caton particle looks rather like this:

A Caton.

Catons have a spin of 983,221.5, thus making them fermions. This means they are subject to the Pauli Exclusion Principle, meaning that no two catons can be doing the same thing at the same time. This allows for much more diversity and variety than the more mundane Dogon. The caton has an electric charge of i (square root of minus one). Ordinary quarks have strong charges of red, green or blue. Catons have the abilty to be any and every colour at once. The caton has variable mass, depending on how long ago it has last interacted with the foodon of the litterboxon particles.

The caton was discovered at the CERN laboratory in 1993 by Pierre Curie, PhD, BsC, DeAD. After colliding two high-energy humanons, the caton was created. Catons were fully described by Oscar Wilde, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD. in his theory of Quantum Cattodynamics (QCD) which detailed the Caton-Mouseon, Caton-Birdon and Caton-Lizardon Cattic interactions. Recently the hyperintelligent rat-human organism Arthur C. Clarke has suggested that catons could hold the key to unlimited energy by means of 'catonium power' More news is to follow on the caton.

The GIMP ROCKS![edit]

Where can I begin? The GIMP could, can, shall, would, might, will kick Photoshop's ass. It does everything that Ph*t*sh*p does, and for ZERO PRICE! Yes it is entirely free!

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Just because I think everyone is trying to kill me doesn't mean they aren't. You know what I mean?

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