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Welcome to the 1st Edition of The Article Whisperer
Please check the talk page or leave me a message if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

The competition[edit]

What is the The Article Whisperer?[edit]

That's right fellow Uncyclopedians. In a few weeks, this could be you!

An annual writing competition held by Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. It is intended to encourage submissions for requested articles. These are typically either long-standing requests which have been listed on UN:REQ for a year or more, are listed in the Top 50 wanted articles or are otherwise considered "vital" encyclopedic subjects. Participants are limited only to articles which are listed on these pages.

Unlike {{reqaward}} which is given to editors in recognition of submitting a successful request, or more specificaly one of adequate quality (i.e. not ending up on ICU/QVFD/VFD), this competition is intended for the creation of potential FA-level articles.

Topics from UN:REQ include:

Who can enter and what are the rules?[edit]

All registered members of Uncyclopedia are encouraged to enter, though a few restrictions apply. Due to community consensus, judges are now barred from entering the competition (see here for the list of judges). Noobs (people who've been here for 3 months or less) cannot enter the "Best Uncyclopedia-related Article" category, as these articles could potentially become policy in future.

You may enter only once for each category (for which you are eligible; one article per category per person). An article may only be entered in one category, and it must fit within the requirements of a particular category. You may not change three words and the title of an article to make it eligible for another category; such behavior will result in both articles being disqualified.

Collaborations of two or more writers will be allowed but are limited to one article per category. When submitting a team entry, the article will be in userspce of the group's "leader". Each team member will share a single prize. Any writer part of a collaboration is free to work on a seperate entry by themselves though, like all entries, will be permitted one article per category. Two collaborations do not count as one entry; they count as two.

Articles created prior to the competition cannot be submitted. Also, no plagiarism. Should we discover your work is not original, you will be disqualified. Using resources such as the Reefer Desk, Image Request, or Pee Review is forbidden. Users may, however, use Uncyclopedia:Incomplete List of Basic Articles, Uncyclopedia:Vital, Uncyclopedia:The Creative Process, Special:Wantedpages, Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles and/or Inspire an Article to help get ideas. Again, please remember that participants are limited only to articles (and related subpages) which are specifically listed on UN:REQ, UN:ILBA, UN:VITAL and Special:Wantedpages.

Things to consider:

  1. How many organizers? (Myself and Mordillo. Possibly more? Would judges be allowed to help organize?)
  2. Judges? (There are presently 5 categories meaning 15 judges in total. Take into consideration that more judges equals less potential participants. Possibly reduce number of categories if not enough judges.)
  3. Collaborations allowed? (Suggested rules have been posted. Applicable only if there are collaborative entries.)
  4. How are articles chosen? (Suggested entries have been posted, however participants are allowed to choose any requested article appearing on UN:REQ, UN:VITAL and Special:WantedPages.)
  5. How many articles? (There are 21 suggested articles. However actual number will depend on how many editors enter competition.)
  6. How many expected participants? (At least 5. Reminder to post in forum. At what time of the year is Uncyclopedia most active?)

To do:

  1. Compose invitation to former {{reqaward}} recipients. (see message)
  2. Leave request at Radical X's Corner for templates, awards, etc.
  3. Post in forum to gauge interest and receive suggestions for further improvement.
  4. Contact experienced editors, such as those involved in PLS and Aristocrat's Turkey Day Ball, for help organizing and running competition.
  5. Make official announcement in forum (two weeks?) before competition.

When is the The Article Whisperer going to be held?[edit]

To Be Announced.

Post February 2010, possibly summer of this year. The contest will run for two weeks, the judging period starting during the final week.

(n.b.: all times are to be measured by UTC, and all phases of the contest end at midnight on the specified day; entries may be accepted late under certain conditions.)

Where should I put my entry?[edit]

The article should be placed on your namespace. Between 5rd ― 18nd October, you should post a link to your article in the entry section below and sign as you would a forum post or vote. It should look somewhat like this:

If you're a paranoid, or afflicted with OCD, or just want to tell people to shove off until after the competition, add {{TAW-WIP}} to your entry.


While a selection of suggested articles are available here, editors are allowed to select any article listed on UN:REQ or UN:VITAL and Special:WantedPages. Please note that entries from Special:WantedPages are reserved for the "Best Most Wanted" category.

Best Most Wanted Article[edit]

Also simply known as "Best Article", this category is for articles which are currently listed on Special:WantedPages. Please note that This page does not exist is closed to editing and not applicable for this competition.

Username Entry Comment
Alexander Hamilton see here for more options
Roger Ebert see here for more options
Stomach see here for more options

Best General Knowledge-related Article[edit]

This category is for articles relating to General Knowledge (i.e. Business, Geography, Government and Politics, History, Religion, Science and Technology).

Username Entry Comment
Shipping and handling see here for more options
Bahamas see here and here for more options
The Anti-American Way see here for more options
Ides of March see here for more options
A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar see here for more options
Megabyte see here for more options

Best Popular Culture-related Article[edit]

This category is for articles which are related to Pop Culture topics (i.e. Entertainment, Mass Media, Sports, People, etc.).

Username Entry Comment
Konami see here for more options
H.G. Wells see here for more options
Captain Kidd see here for more options
Wife carrying see here for more options
General Tso's Chicken see here for more options
Kissing see here for more options

Best Miscellaneous-related Article[edit]

The category which is for topics not covered in the above categories. These include, but are not limited to, Miscellaneous-related subjects and alternate namespace articles (i.e. UnBooks, HowTo, UnNews, Why?, UnPoetia, UnScripts, etc.).

Username Entry Comment
I before E except after C see here for more options
HowTo:Screw in a Lightbulb see here for more options
UnNews:'The Simpsons' celebrates 70 years on televison see here and here for more options
Why?:Do all shows on MTV Suck? see here for more options

Best Uncyclopedia-related Article[edit]

This category is for articles related to Uncyclopedia itself (i.e. "Official" Pages, In-Jokes, Incomplete Article Series). A category for veteran editors (users who have been active on Uncyclopedia for a year or more). Articles in Uncyclopedia namespace will generally parody Wikipedia essays and guideline pages. May be of an alternate namespace.

Username Entry Comment
Uncyclopedia:Why create an account? see here for more options
Six Degrees of Oscar Wilde see here for more options
Pointless Retrospective Articles: A Retrospective see here for more options
Battle of Adventureland see here for more options