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  • Mouldy bread ("By 1701, this hazard had reached such a state that the immunologist Alan Turing")
  • Staple gun ("..deployment of staple guns occurred in the War of the Spanish Succession (17011714). This conflict between a coalition of European powers")
  • Jethro Tull ("..are conflicting accounts of when Tull formed (commonly cited dates being 1701 and 1967) Ian Anderson's appearance indicates both dates are equally plausauble")
  • Planet Express ("Planet Express is a commercial space flight service founded in 1701 by Oscar Wilde. It has flights to Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pluto")
  • Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis ("1701- A handful of people start to contract the disease in Texas.")
  • Pachelbel's Canon ("Pachelbel's Canon was a type of canon written by Johann Pachelbel (1653-1701). It was a modification of the typical canon")
  • Wheeling Jesuit University/People/Father Raculad (".."his life took an interesting turn after he released a promotional video in 1701 titled Raculad: the Master of Night")
  • Waban ("..been recognized as a completely separate town, but this status ended in 1701 with the swift and decisive victory of the Birtish redcoats over")
  • Martinique ("Spain: 1661-1701")
  • Coughing ("In 1701, Lucky George sold the multi-billion dollar coughing empire to...")
  • Secular German Confederacy ("In 1701, the Secular German Confederacy experienced an attack by cylon forces.")
  • Chessington World of Adventures ("Chessington World of Adventures is an ex-German Concentration Camp in Chessington set up in 1701 in preparation for the somewhat imaginary World War Two, which ensued")
  • John Negroponty ("Negroponty became a Pastafarian in 1701, and helped to found the first FSM seminary in New Haven, Connecticut")
  • Beaver & Cucumber ("...which brought the house down (though not in the same manner as the wolf of 1701) and inspired the publican to put up a new sign there and then.")
  • Surbiton Airport ("Surbiton Airport was blown up in approximately 1701 by a Horse and Cart and subsequently nothing was built on the site until")
  • Brighton Pier {"These birds where employed by the piers owner in 1701 for the sole purpose to steal and shit on food and merchandise meaning")
  • Pretending to be Scottish ("..such as exploding baguettes and Gauloises, they launched an invasion in 1701, however it was easily repulsed by three blokes on a trawler.")


  • The Door ("themselves into the walls of their huts. Unfortunately, it was not until 1702, over 21,000 years later, that Isaac Newton discovered you could make")
  • Devon ("human-like race inhabiting the farms of this region had abounded since 1702 when a Bristolian explorer, Bruce Willis, ventured into the county")
  • Dairy ("has a rich history, having been invented by the Swiss in 1702, when a keen Swiss entrepenuer observed his cow drinking a milkshake")
  • Word search ("Satan invented the word search in the year 1702 B.C.E. after he realized Hell was not at all practical in its current state")
  • Desert Island Discs ("with this apparatus atop Glastonbury Tor (where a DID had been seen since 1702) waiting patiently for the Island to enter the sphere of influence of his")
  • Dominique Bouhours ("Dominique Bouhours (born Dominique L'Enfant, on July 12th 1644, died July 12th 1702) was a famous French grammarian. On July 12th, 1702, her 58th birthday, she passed on when a meteor slammed into her house.")
  • Doctor of the Church ("Julius II || 1702 || Italian || Reality-warping; master of the seven secret hand")
  • Julius II ("In 1702 Julius was made a Doctor of the church. This meant that his power was")
  • Jean Bart ("Jean Bart (born 1650 in Brussels (Flanders) , died 1702 in Paris (France)) was probably the most famous Flemish Pirate ever.")
  • List of massacres ("1702 || The Iverson Massacre")
  • Radio 1 ("but that's another story - see Transvestism in European Royal Families, 1702-1769")
  • Oscar Wilde/classic ("[[1702 A. D. - US President Oscar Wilde begins the first US Open, which took place")
  • Gene Hoglan ("Hoglan had almost given up hope and was sitting outside Ozzfest 1702, when out stepped the one and only Van Williams of Nevermore. Sid Godawful (1700-1702) Died all at sea. *'Grinning' Grinling Gibbons (1702-1710) Became a wood carver which was much better.")