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The novel Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS! is also available in paperback.
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Look up [[Undictionary:{{{1}}}#Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS!|Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS!]] in Undictionary, the twisted dictionary
For those obsessed with so-called-experts, Wikipedia has an article about:
For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikinews have an article about Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS!.
This novel is also available online.
 I think that we are HUMAN, and we are in terrible danger once we forget that.

Human, is Human, it is flesh, it is MAN. If we forget the fact that we are humans, we become "gods" to ourselves. We walk around as though we are "gods" amongst other men. And trust me...the deepest, darkest sense of evil usually sprouts from Man's ability to glorify himself above other men in the lumination of a god or goddess. The most dangerous scenario is that one where the people start celebrating the existence of a single man as though he was a god, and they worship him.

For this reason, I think humanitarian work can be misleading, and to some it is just a stepping stone into the arena of the "gods". I know a number of "well-doers" who are merely concerned with the FAME, the HONOR, the RECOGNITION. Perhaps they started off in great devotion to the people around them, but success has swallowed them up, and this I know: They would rather be called 'a Saint' than have people take heart in the actual community work. Yes, it is important to be recognized, YES, it is important to have a lot of publicity and YES, it is important to be well-known in order to promote the good work, but if you are more concerned about your name and your position, you will fail to serve the people with all your heart, because your heart is in a different place.

I would rather do no project at all, than to vulture up the lives of people in order to get my 15 minutes of fame. (These are my words today, please remind me of them if my actions in current or future times defer in the slightest from the clear statement I just made.)

The scariest part is that we often do not realise that we are intending to glorify ourselves through our work. You just wake up one morning and you realise that you are sitting on your own little thrown, and the people you cared about once are far out of reach. The good news is that, you are able to climb down there. It has happened to me often, especially in the time after Davos, the local media called on me and I was invited to important meetings in Windhoek, I lost touch with the things I REALLY cared about. I was unhappy and I had no idea why. Later I realised that I was walking away tall. In reality, the work of a humanitarian who cares more about his own reputation than anything else is justifiably EVIL and not GOOD. Does it make a difference nevertheless? Yes it does. Does it save lives? Yes, it does. Then it is GOOD? Yes, it is, but it is not honest, not pure, not sincere, and in a sense....not REAL. It is JUSTIFIABLY EVIL.

Men are EVIL because MAN is EVIL. Evil is a strong word to use, but anyone born in this world is capable of doing wrong. No matter how good your upbringing, no matter how clean your page, you are capable of committing murder, treason, violence...

There is no redemption from being human.

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[[Category:{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS!]]

[[Category:{{subst:CURRENTDAY}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|Mashedpotatowithsomegravy/TPS!]] {{subst:CURRENTDAY}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}


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The Scorpions

In the hidden track No One Likes Drew on the 1975 album In Trance, Rudolph Schenker of The Scorpions is heard to scream, "Ježišmária! Ty {{{2}}}!" at least three times. This is considered significant by arachnologists, as Schenker was not known to speak Slovak at the time of the recording. Klaus Meine can be heard shrieking like a lesbian deprived of her motorcycle in the background.

Theatre and Literature


  • In act 4, scene 2 of Troilus and Cressida, Hector says, "I would lief be thrust thr'u a quickset hedge as cry {{{3}}} to a callow {{{1}}}."



  • In season 2, episode 9, Elaine says "Maybe {{{2}}} ate your baby".
  • In season 7, episode 7, Kramer, Elaine, Jerry, and George compete to see who can go the longest without {{{3}}}.

Amos 'n' Andy

  • In season 12, episode 9, the Kingfish tells Andy "Go an' fin' me one a dem {{{1}}} thangs".

Family Guy

  • In season 4 episode 20 Stewie continually tries to beat Brian with {{{2}}}.

Fibber McGee and Molly

  • In season 16, episode 11, Dr. Gamble is looking for {{{2}}}, and Fibber McGee opens his closet to look for one, with hilarious results.

I Love Lucy

  • In season 1, episode 27, Ricky finds a stash of {{{3}}} in Lucy's purse.

Saturday Night Live

  • In seasons 20 through 23, a recurring gag has Molly Shannon wearing {{{2}}} on top of her head.

The Simpsons

  • In season 2, episode 4, Bart steal's Mrs. Krabappel's {{{1}}}.
  • In season 4, episode 8, Homer picks his nose with {{{2}}}.
  • In season 8, episode 16, Grandpa explains that in the olden days it was the style to wear {{{3}}} on one's belt.

South Park

  • In season 1, episode 1, Cartman gets {{{2}}} shoved up his ass.
  • In season 3, episode 4, Kenny is killed by a ferocious {{{1}}}.
  • In season 5, episode 8, the boys befriend a talking {{{3}}} named "Mashedpotatowithsomegravyie".

Spongebob SquarePants

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Week of October 30

Week of October 30

A major publisher has announced plans to re-release a series of classic children’s books rewritten for today’s society. The publisher, Third Grade Level Publications, intends to release at least fifteen of the rewritten classics by the end of the year. → More

Kate Bush has released a New album called Antennae of Elvis, and features songs such as La La La La La La and I am not sexy anymore, it is her first album for 99 years, and will not be released for another 99 years, get over it. Archeologists find proof of additional day of the week...

Today, archeologists find ancient documents written at the time when God created man. This is the story of the text that was uncovered. God accually created 9 days! God's highest angel, Chuck Norris, heard of this and though it was a bad idea. After discussing it with God, God decided he was right and Chuck was wrong. This made Chuck furious. So for 40 days and 40 nights God and Chuck fought over the days. On the 40th night, Chuck gave God and spireling roundhouse kick to the face and was declared the winner by Don King. Chuck decided to roundhouse kick one of the days into oblivion and keep the other day for himself. This day is known as "Leap-Year". As a friendly agreement, God and Chuck made Adam write this down and bury it in the garden of Eden. Then Chuck used the deneuralizer, (made popular by the Men in Black movies), on Adam so he could never tell a living soul.

U.F.O. found in Dick Chency's backyard!

Last night at approximitly 2:50 am a large u.f.o. with blinking lights was seen in dicks backyard which is "undisclosed". more to come! tune in!

More in now from Paige! Well Paige how is the vice president?

Well he appears ok as he seems to be exiting the craft along with.. himself... and uh another one of him, and another. Well it appears now that all seven... no wait eight dicks are ok, and are now ready to pillage the earth in search of the life blood they so dearly need to survive.

Thrilling. Up next, cute puppies!

Wire Tappin' That?

Early this week, Scott MacLellan announced that the Bush Administration is going a to a more sexually oriented agenda. After a recent survey came out showing that men are more inclined to listen if sex is involved, it will take the bold step to make it's messages much more sexy. They have noted many ways in which they will do this such as referring to Iraq as vagina, and the US troops as a condom, and gay marriage as anal sex. Also, they have been sure to note that whenever bush talks about Katrina hitting New Orleans, he is NOT talking about the hurricane. They have also already planned to run uner the ticket, Bush/Dick 2008 for the next presidential elections.

"It's extremely lucky that the president and vice president both have names that contain slang referring to sexual reproduction," comments an anonymous member of the Bush Administration. John Kerry also commented on how he wished his name had been John Pussy and his runnings mate's(I made you read mates!) as Huge Tities during the 2004 elections. This has been deemed as the smartest thing the Bush Administration has done in a while. However, many have already been second guessing the adminstration.

One commie liberal bastard commented, "What's next?! We're going to Iran to reclaim a new, unreleased Paris Hilton sex tape?" In this reporters own opinion, that would be as hot as the temperature down there. More development as this story continues, but for right now, stay classy.

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American Politcains getting payed off

Today in Arkansas Bill Clinton annouced that Politcians were getting payed off by american loyalists...

The 12 Fundamental Cheeses
*Not to be confused with "Holey" Cheese
The 3 Noble Cheeses
*Also known as "Negative Cheese" or "Dark Dematta"

2005 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Dennis - Hurricane Katrina - Hurricane Rita - Hurricane Wilma - Hurricane βeta

2007 Wikipedia hurricane season

Subtopical Storm Angela - Topical Storm Braydie - Topical Storm Codeine - Hurricane Dynorod - Hurricane El Hormiguero - Hurricane Flammable - Topical Storm Georgia - Hurricane Hinoa - Topical Storm Ibrahim - Tropical Depression 10 V2 - Topical Storm Jimbo - Topical Storm Keitei - Hurricane Led - Topical Storm Mhaille - Tropical Depression 15-Wuss - Hurricane Nintendorulez - Topical Storm Olipro

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I Can't Believe It's Not Butter | I Can't Believe It's Not Hitler | I Can't Believe It's Not Murder
I Can't Believe It's Not The Illuminati | iCan't Believe It's Not iPod | I Can't Believe It's Not Soylent Green | I Can't Believe It's Not Terrorism | I Can't Believe It's Not Existent | I can't believe it's not Liberalism! |I Can't Believe It's Not Funny | I Can't Believe It's Not A Hyperlink
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Holy Scripture
Bible with a warning label

Judaism and Christianity
New Cooler Edition
Rick James Version
Revised Liberal Edition
Revised Neocon Edition
Bible 2

Duran Duran
Holy Horan


The Sutras

Blah Family Tree
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The Christio-Religio Ladderal Hiearchy
CRLHladders.jpg Top Rung, the Holy Trinity: God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit, opposed by Satan

Middle Rung, the Holy Triforce: Jeez, & The Holy Ghost, opposed by Stan
After a few drinks: Daddyo, Laddyo, & The Spook
Bottom Rung, the Holy Tripod: Gah, Jesús, & the Holy Rock, opposed by Santa
Fell off the Ladder: Goo, Jazz, and Hollywood, opposed by Stalin

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People named "Captain"

America - Autofellatio - Beefheart - Bligh - Britain - Canada - Caveman - Communist - Hook - Irrelevant - Jack Harkness - Janeway - Kaptainskye - Kirk - Knuckles - Marvel - Morgan - Oblivious - Obvious - Omnipotent - Planet - Raccoon - Selfish - Sisko - Slow - Video


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Dude, Where Art Mine Horse and Carriage? ~ Dude, Where's My Time Machine?

Elementary Particles
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The End of Everything
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Grand Theft Auto
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The Jacksons

Andrew Jackson | Bo Jackson | Jackson Pollock | Jacksonville | Janet Jackson | Jerry Jackson | Jesse Jackson | Michael Jackson | Randy Jackson | Samuel L. Jackson | Stonewall Jackson | Who The Fuck Is Jackson Pollock?

Jesus Related Locations.
Jesusland Red States
Jesus Ocean Israel

The six Magic Mystery Rangers
With the power to unleash the Rosie O'Donnell Mark 2,
and kick Ultra Jesus' butt
Mr. T: Ultra Magic Mystery Ranger Magical Magic Mystery Ranger: Harry Potter
Godzilla: Über Magic Mystery Ranger Spoiled Bitch Magic Mystery Ranger: Paris Hilton
Captain Crunch: Well Balanced Breakfast Magic Mystery Ranger Robot Magic Mystery Ranger: Optimus Prime
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Mommy's Medicine Cabinet

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The Three Great Teachers of Neo-Confusionism

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The Four Factions of Neo-Confusionism

Loxism   Creamcheesism   Poppyism   Sesameism

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Polish people, who are Satan's and Tamia's friends
Politics: Andrzej Lepper, Lech Kaczyński alias Kaczor, Lech Wałęsa

Religious figures: Father Director Teddy Rydzyk
Others: Grzegorz Rasiak

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Santa Claus Santa Clause Satan Claus Secret Santa Future Santa Robot Santa Ku Klux Klaus
Do take note of the
plentiful varieties of
Holy Scripture
out there in various religions...
Bible with a warning label

Judaism and Christianity
Bible 2
New Cooler Edition
Revised Liberal Edition
Revised Neocon Edition
Rick James Version


Bhagavad Gita,
whatever that means

The Sutras
Well, all right, we know
you only care about the
Kama Sutra, pervert

The Senses
Sight | Smell | Touch | Taste | Nonsense | Sense | Sense of Proportion | Common sense
Famous Simpsons
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Bart Simpson OJ Simpson
Abe Simpson Ashlee Simpson

Clash of the Titans
Pwned! The Most Quotable Smackdown of All Time
Humor at Oscar Wilde's expense I Am Your Father

The Stuart Little Movie Series
Stuart Little | Stuart Little II | Stuart Little III | Willard
Stuart Little Miniseries (TV) | Stuart Little: Revenge Video Game
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Chicken Soup for the Eyes
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I am the Good Shepherd...

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The Holy Spirit

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In Development

Euroipods is A website giving away free ipods in return for

a) money
b) reffering freinds to do the same

Visit today for yours!

100 April Fools Jokes
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52 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
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40 Ways of Being a Dick
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37 Ways to Deliver Bad News
36 Ways to Die
35 Ways to Exercise
34 Ways to Fight a Crocodile
33 Ways to Fight a Dolphin
32 Ways to Fight a Duck
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23 Ways to Fight a Queen
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21 Ways to Fight a Turtle
20 Ways to Fight a Vampire
19 Ways to Fight a Werewolf
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15 Ways to Fight an Iguana
14 Ways to Fight an Ox
13 Ways to Fight an Ugly Animal
12 Ways to Get a Boyfriend
11 Ways to Get a Girlfriend
10 Ways to Hack a Computer
9 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
8 Ways to Start a Novel
7 Ways to Win an Argument
6 Weapons
5 Werewolves
4 Worlds of Fiction
3 Xylophones
2 Yaks
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Entire Bush family.jpg
George Bushes
Other Bushes
Hitler in General
Persons named Hitler
Other Hitlers
Imitation Hitlers
Could be Hitler
(due to vowel orthogonality)
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Dead Kennedys
Live Kennedys
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The Great Revolutions

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